Executive MBA Health Sector Management Curriculum


Our EMBA health sector management curriculum features the following courses:

Foundation Courses

  • EXEC5504 Fundamentals of Marketing
  • EXEC5503 Fundamentals of Management
  • EXEC5505 Fundamentals of Accounting
  • EXEC5506 Principles of Microeconomics
  • EXEC5508 Statistical Thinking and Methods

Core Courses

  • EXEC6501 Corporate Creativity and Innovation
  • EXEC6502 Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • EXEC6503 Managerial Economics
  • EXEC6504 Managerial Finance
  • EXEC6509 International Business
  • EXEC6505 Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • EXEC6506 Strategic Marketing
  • EXEC6507 Strategic Information Systems Management
  • EXEC6510 Global Business Capstone

Specialization Courses

        •  EHCM6901 Fundamentals of Health Systems & Policies
        •  EHCM6902 Foundations of Healthcare Financial Management
        •  EHCM6903 Finance for Healthcare Managers
        •  EHCM6904 Healthcare Operations Management
        •  EHCM6905 Contemporary Issues in Health Sector Management