Department of Marketing, Information Systems, and Decision Sciences

Message From the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Marketing, Information Systems, and Decision Sciences.

Today's business environment requires companies to collect up-to-date business information from their customers, competitors, and business partners and, more importantly, analyze this information by using advanced tools and technologies. Firms that do not possess these capabilities will fall behind in the highly competitive and quickly changing business environment. As a result, more and more employers are recruiting business professionals who possess quantitative/analytical and technical skills.

Marketing is the art and science of identifying, stimulating and satisfying customer wants and needs. Selling is a part of marketing, of course, but the most sophisticated marketing programs focus on more substantive objectives, such as building relationships and creating value. Besides everyday products and services, marketing can include the marketing of ideas, nations and social causes. At FDU, marketing students acquire the practical skills and knowledge that will help make them successful marketers and business people.

The mission of our Department is to help you master technologically sophisticated tasks in the various business disciplines. Our Department teaches Business Analytics, Supply Chain/Operations Management, and Management Information Systems courses that enable you make effective and intelligent decisions by utilizing available resources.  We help you build the most important foundational skills in the areas of Data Analysis, Optimization, and Technologies.

Besides serving all Business students, our department also offers the following  programs:

Members of our faculty possess impressive academic and industrial credentials, excel in teaching, and provide personal advising services to you. In addition, they make significant contributions to the professional and research communities with high-quality consulting work and research.

Feel free to contact me for further questions about our Department or programs. Thank you for visiting our Departmental homepage.

Best Regards,

Li Qin, Ph.D.
Chair of Marketing, Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department
201-692-7223, 973-443-8296