Academic Research Examples

Becton College

In the Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences, research efforts are particularly prominent in the psychology, English, social science and communication disciplines. The Florham Campus psychology department emphasizes experimental, industrial/ organizational psychology and clinical counseling. The English department has faculty who are authorities on 19th- and 20th-century American authors, the performance of Shakespeare and corporate communication. The College's social scientists publish widely on American politics and culture and share interdisciplinary interests in legal studies.

University College

University College: Arts · Sciences · Professional Studies prides itself on its emphasis on research. The Metropolitan Campus houses the clinical psychology and school psychology doctoral programs where students and faculty do research in such areas as behavioral medicine, cognitive, psychological and psycho-educational testing and women's issues to name a few.

Faculty in the English and comparative literature department focus on modern and 19th-century English and American writers.

The College's Peter Sammartino School of Education is funded by local and state agencies and the Office of Education, for research concentrated in the areas of learning disabilities, ESL and bilingual education. The School of History, Political and International Studies focuses on research on conflict resolution, modern and popular culture, constitutional and legal history and Middle East studies.

The science and engineering faculty are funded for research in such diverse areas as high-temperature superconductivity, underwater digital imaging enhancement, digital image transmission, far infrared spectroscopy using the specialized facilities of Brookhaven National Laboratories and the ADA computer programming language.

Silberman College

The Silberman College of Business sponsors a series of business research studies that involve faculty and students. The College publishes several working paper series and The Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemical Business. Faculty also are developing a unique research strength in entrepreneurship.

The faculty are also engaged in research in the areas of economics, management, marketing, human resources, health care, entrepreneurship, management information systems, accounting, finance, business law, taxation, quantitative analysis, production management and operations management.

Petrocelli College

Finally, research also is an integral component of activities at Anthony J. Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies. Faculty pursue scholarly inquiry in areas that include 19th-century European history, the history of the Bronx, medieval French and English literature, classical philosophy and ethical issues in the late 20th century.