Daniel and Martina Lewis Center for Healthcare Innovation and Technology

Focused on utilizing the resources and expertise of the University and its partners to advance the paradigms of healthcare delivery and effective health outcomes.





The Daniel and Martina Lewis Center for Healthcare Innovation and Technology is an academic center focused on fostering collaboration between subject matter experts from within and outside the University to work together in a collaborative environment that promotes the advancement of healthcare delivery and improves patient and population health outcomes. Within the center, interdisciplinary and interprofessional knowledge transfer and collaboration allows esteemed subject matter experts to educate and train current and future healthcare leaders while exploring research and scholarship opportunities focused on ways to change the paradigms of healthcare delivery at the local, national and global levels.
Sterile Home

Sterile Compounding Training Center

With the evolution of pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, sterile compounding has become an emerging area of growth due to its ability to provide customized medication dosage and delivery that fits the individualized needs of a specific patient or patient population. Pharmacists must be trained in and compliant with US Pharmacopeia Chapter <797>.

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  GA Home

Global Alliance of Pharmacists

Utilizing the global strength and partnerships established within the University and focusing on the evolving role of pharmacist as care provider and medication expert, the Daniel and Martina Lewis Center for Healthcare Innovation and Technology will seek to develop expanded roles for pharmacists to play a vital role in several key areas within developing and underserved nations and populations.

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Virtual Care Home

Virtual Care and Wellness Initiative

The projected shortage of primary care providers and the advent of the Affordable Care Act are producing a crisis in the area of access to care. More people will be in need of basic services, and less providers will be available to deliver that care. Additionally, a greater focus will be paid on prevention and wellness initiatives, providing incentives for healthy lifestyle and preventative care.

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  HED Home

Higher Education in the Medical Home

Another objective of the center will be to serve as an academically ground central point to develop research around the area of improving patient care and health outcomes. Currently, the advent of the Affordable Care Act is revolutionizing the delivery and payment for care and health services, focusing on the use of accountable care organizations (ACOs), whose role is to focus on improving outcomes and reducing recurrences in many chronic disease states.

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