BA in Interdisciplinary Studies - Women's Leadership Concentration

Our goal is to empower students to achieve their leadership potential by exploring the roles and practices of women leaders. There is a growing awareness of the power of women in the professional world, the special roles they play, and the particular problems they face.  Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, speaks to the need for a program like ours in a university environment.

Our approach employs case studies of women in leadership positions, which can serve as role models for both female and male students. By investigating the drive, programs, effort, ideas, and struggles of women in fields from politics and business to the sciences and defense department, our students will learn how to model and strategically organize their academic and professional pursuits. They will also be able to understand the social, cultural, political, and economic pressures women face in the professional world.  Students will develop an understanding of how to deal with obstacles in a professional setting and will be prepared to continue their studies in pursuit of an advanced degree.

Course work delivers the skills and knowledge base essential for leadership in the 21st century. Students will develop skills in communications, management, human relations, and organization, and attain an understanding of the essential economic, psychological, cultural, gender and diversity issues facing today’s leaders.

Career possibilities are numerous. Continue graduate studies in, or go directly to work in business, public service, legal services, human resources, military, or nonprofit sectors.

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Madera Edwards, Assistant Director,