BA in Interdisciplinary Studies - Self Designed Concentration

Self-Designed (30 credits)

This specialization is for highly motivated, independent minded students who have a variety of interests or want to explore topics that require knowledge of more than one discipline and that cannot be found in standard programs.  With the help of a faculty mentor, and the approval of the program director, students may construct their own specialization by combining courses from a variety of disciplines and through independent study.    


Students, who are thinking of pursuing a law degree, and are interested in the social sciences, might design a specialization that combines more than one of the following disciplines:  political science, sociology, economics, psychology, philosophy.

Students who want to become journalists, write about science, or write science fiction might design a specialization that combines literature, creative writing, and a variety of math and science courses.

Pre-med students, who are also interested in the humanities, might design a specialization that includes courses in art, art history, music, literature, and philosophy.

The possibilities are endless.