Master of Sports Administration (MSA)

MSA Class

About the MSA Program

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Standards by 2012, the projected growth of athletes, coaches, umpires and related group will be at 18.3 percent and the growth in the recreation and fitness sector will be at 29.5 percent. The master's degree in sport administration provides graduate students with skills to effectively manage and lead a wide range activities in sport industry, including sales, marketing, public relations, operations, facilities, and event management.

Program Description

The 36-credit Master of Sports Administration (MSA) program is a graduate degree that focuses on practical and theoretical aspects of the various components related to the administration and management of sports personnel and facilities, recreation and fitness programs, and businesses, health facilities, coaching, and recreational activities in both volunteer and paid positions. There will also be a strong emphasis on leadership throughout the program.

Available in Classroom or Online

The MSA degree is available fully online, providing an opportunity for those whose schedule and/or distance from FDU campuses would otherwise limit their options.

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