Master of Science in Cyber and Homeland Security Administration - Graduate Certificates

The MS in Cyber and Homeland Security Administration is a 36-credit graduate program divided into 12 courses. All students will be required to complete four mandatory courses & 2 electives. The program will focus on practical and theoretical aspects of enforcing and ensuring homeland security and includes areas of specialization. There is also a strong emphasis on leadership throughout the program.

Required Courses:

  • CHSA 7601* - Homeland Security and Constitutional Issues
  • CHSA 7602* - Research and Policy Analysis
  • CHSA 7603* - Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terrorism Awareness
  • CHSA 7604* - Strategic Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation (Capstone Course-after completion of at least 27 credits)

The Certificates are:

Homeland Security – Terrorism and Security Studies

This 18-credit, 6-course certificate focuses on terrorism and security studies. The Post-911 world has made many sectors of the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors involved in preventing and combating terrorism as they try to ensure a safe and secure nation. The knowledge provides both historical and current information to add to the knowledge of various threats posed by terrorist organizations, whether domestic or international, and to provide organizations to prepare for the risks associated with such activities.

Choose any six courses:

  • CHSA 6601*  Terrorism Issues and Implications
  • CHSA 6602*  Computer and Network Security
  • CHSA 6603Cyber Forensics Issues and Impacts
  • CHSA 6604Assessing Internal and External Threats
  • CHSA 6605Preparing for Catastrophic Emergencies
  • CHSA 6606Historical Perspectives of Terrorism
  • CHSA 6607Border Security: Policies, Actions, and Implications
  • CHSA 6608Terrorism and Disaster Management
  • CHSA 6609The Face of Terror
  • CHSA 6610Bio-terrorism Preparedness and Response

Homeland Security – Emergency Management

This 18-credit, 6-course certificate focuses on the area of emergency management. Homeland security requires that the first responder community and citizens develop the capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards that may impact anytime and anywhere. The field of emergency management is a broad area of study, which includes natural disasters, accidents, or acts of terrorism.

Choose any six courses

  • CHSA 6611*   Emergency Management
  • CHSA 6612GIS in Emergency Management
  • CHSA 6613*    Organizational Planning for Emergency Situations
  • CHSA 6614Effective Risk Analysis
  • CHSA 6615    Managing Responses to Environmental Emergencies
  • CHSA 6616Stress Awareness and Management
  • CHSA 6617Sociological Effects of Disasters
  • CHSA 6618    Emergency Management Policies, Analysis, and Implications

Homeland Security Leadership

This 18-credit, 6-course certificate focuses on the critical area of leadership in homeland security. Leadership is essential for successfully carrying out programs or tasks. This certificate is designed to meet the personal and professional development goals of those individuals in the broad field of homeland security, such as first responders, law enforcement, emergency management, various security personnel, health and hospital worker, and the military.

Choose any six courses:

  • CHSA 6619Collaborative leadership
  • CHSA 6620Organizational Leadership
  • CHSA 6621Human Resource Management
  • CHSA 6622Effective Team Building
  • CHSA 6623Implementing Organizational Change
  • CHSA 6624Effective Decision Making for Organizations
  • CHSA 6625   Organizational Communication
  • CHSA 6626Resolving Conflicts in Organizations
  • CHSA 6627Values and Ethics for Decision Making

* Also available in online modality