Leadership Studies and Administration

This 18-credit, 6-course certificate is designed for those individuals who desire to develop their leadership skills in order to lead people and/or organizations.

At least nine credits must be taken from the following:
MGMT 2261 - Human Motivation and Behavior 
PADM 4400 - Seminar on Leadership Development (6 credits)
PADM 4545 - Effective Risk Communications for Leadership
PADM 4562 - Leadership of the Founding Leaders
PADM 4564 - Managing Culture, Diversity & Change in a Global Workplace

The remaining electives must be selected from the following:
COMM 2101 - Professional Communication
IBUS  2201 - Fundamentals of International Business
MGMT 1110 - Business in a Global Society
MGMT 1111 - Introduction to Business Management
MGMT 3700 - Human Resource Management
PADM 3342 - Comparative Leadership Studies