Liberal Arts AA - Degree Requirements

Requirements for the Associate in Arts Degree

Candidates for an Associate in Arts degree must complete 60 credits of acceptable college work, including 46 credits of required core courses with a minimum grade point ratio of 2.00. Up to 64 credits can be earned in the Associate in Arts degree prior to transfer to an upper division program.

The University Core and Freshman Seminar programs are undergoing modifications that will go into effect for students entering the University in fall 2015. Students entering in fall 2015 will be advised concerning the appropriate Core and Freshman Seminar courses to take. The new requirements will be published in the 2015–2016 addendum to the Undergraduate Studies Bulletin.

Freshman Basic Courses (28 Credits)
ART 1061 3 credits Cultural Arts (1st and 2nd semester)
ENGL 1111 3 credits Literature and Compositions I (1st semester)
ENGL 1112 3 credits Literature and Compositions II (2nd semester)
FRSH 1000 1 credits Freshman Seminar (1st semester)
HIST 2231 3 credits The Heritage of the Past I (1st semester)
HIST 2232 3 credits The Heritage of the Past II (2nd semester)
PHYS 1126 3 credits Earth Physics (1st and 2nd semester)
PSYC 1141 3 credits Psychology (1st and 2nd semester)
6 credits to be selected from the following course selections dependent on major:
MATH 1131 (or) College Mathematics I (1st semester) (mathematics required)
MATH 1141 3 credits Introduction to Mathematical Methods (mathematics required)

Sophomore Basic Courses (18 Credits) 
CHEM 1110, CHEM 1120 3 credits Chemistry and Global Issues
COMM 1101 3 credits Mass Media: Image, Sound, and Text
COMM 2140 3 credits New Technologies in Communication
COMM 3801 3 credits Community, Computers and Cyberspace
CRIM 3301 3 credits Computer Technology in the Criminal Justice System
MATH 1132 3 credits College Mathematics II (2nd semester)
MATH 1142 3 credits Introduction to Statistics (2nd semester)
PHIL 1101 3 credits Introduction to Logic (2nd semester)
MIS 1135 3 credits Introduction to Computers (1st and 2nd semester)

Recommended Courses (24 Credits)
CORE 1001 3 credits Perspective on the Individual (3rd semester)
CORE 3004 3 credits Global Issues (4th semester)
ECON 1121 3 credits Macroeconomics (3rd or 4th semester)
ENGL 2211 3 credits Masterpieces of Literature I (3rd semester)
ENGL 2212 3 credits Masterpieces of Literature II (4th semester)
HIST 2233 3 credits The Modern World (3rd or 4th semester)
PHIL 2271 3 credits Philosophy (3rd or 4th semester)

Electives (15 - 19 Credits)

Students at Petrocelli College are permitted to take selected electives from the many and varied course offerings of the University College: Arts • Sciences • Professional Studies, including the Peter Sammartino School of Education and the Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health; from the Silberman College of Business; and from the Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences.

Certain elective courses critical in the development of an upper-division major — such as Accounting, Business in a Global Society and Introduction to Computers for the business major — are offered at Petrocelli College as part of the regular College program. A student is, therefore, able to build toward a major in a bachelor’s degree through the use of a carefully selected elective program.

In addition to the wide variety of University electives, the College offers certain courses designed to complement the basic College program. These courses are reviewed regularly, and changes are effected to suit the needs of the student.