Korean Program Degree Requirements

Program Highlights

  • Bachelor of Arts & Associate of Arts Degree Program
  • Generous Transfer Credit Policy
  • Maximum 50% Scholarship Opportunity
  • FAFSA Application Process Support
  • 10:1 Student Faculty Ratio & Individualized Curriculum
  • Bilingual/English Classes & Academic Tutoring
  • Various Experiential Learning
  • Free ESL Courses with 6-Credit Coursework
  • Audit Courses for Senior Citizens (Age 65+)
  • Flexible Weekdays, Weekend & Online Classes

Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies (120 Credits)

The Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies degree is a baccalaureate degree program structured to meet the educational needs of adult learners. It provides non-traditional students with a variety of options in meeting University requirements for an undergraduate degree grounded in the business or liberal arts. Specializing in business and liberal arts, students gain a deeper understanding of communication, management, applied technology and business in the world economy.

  1. General Education Requirements (50 Credits)
    • Written Communication (6 Credits)
    • Speech / Professional Communications (3 Credits)
    • Ethical and Moral Analysis (3 Credits)
    • Quantitative Analysis (6 Credits)
    • Scientific Analysis (6 Credits)
    • Art and Culture (6 Credits)
    • Social and Behavioral Science (6 Credits)
    • Humanities (6 Credits)
    • University Core (8 Credits)
  2. Major Requirements (24 Credits)
    • International Perspective (3 Credits)
    • Advanced Writing (3 Credits)
    • Specialization (18 Credits)
  3. Free Electives (46 Credits)
  4. University Core Requirements: 8 Credits (4 Courses)


    UNIV 1001

    Transitioning to University Life (1 Credit)

    UNIV 1002

    Preparing for Professional Life (1 Credit)

    UNIV 2001

    Cross-Cultural Perspectives (3 Credits)

    UNIV 2002

    Global Issues (3 Credits)

    Specialized Studies (Business / Liberal Arts): 18 Credits (6 Courses)

    The coursework in the Specialized Studies Area is designed to provide broad intellectual exposure to a single discipline or a combination of disciplines approved by an advisor. The structure of these specializations allows students to develop the skill sets that will enable them to operate more effectively in today’s business environment.

    The specialized studies area consists of 18 credits in a single discipline or combination of disciplines approved by an advisor and recognized as a cohesive concentration. A minimum of 9 credits (2000 level or above) must be taken at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

    Free Elective: 46 Credits

    Courses in this area are selected to complement the area of specialized studies chosen by the student.

    Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts (60 Credits)

    Candidates for an Associate of Arts degree must complete 60 credits of acceptable college work. A graduate will demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate in oral and written forms using technology as a tool to enhance presentation when appropriate. An FDU graduate will also demonstrate competency in critical thinking that encompasses dimensions of information logic and ethical analysis.

    Communication, Mathematics and Computer Skills Requirements: 12 Credits (4 Courses)

    Students demonstrate the ability to use the English language, the ability to understand and use basic mathematical symbols, and the mastery of basic computer skills are required of all students in the program.

    • ENGL 1111  Literature & Composition I (3 credits)
    • ENGL 1112  Literature & Composition II (3 credits)
    • MATH 1131 College Mathematics I (3 credits)


    • MATH 1141 Mathematical Methods (3 credits)
    • MIS 1135     Intro to Computers (3 credits)
    Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements: 27 Credits (9 Courses)

    Students are exposed to social, scientific, aesthetic, moral and religious ideas.

      1. Humanities: 18 Credits (6 Courses)

    At least one course from each of the following areas must be represented: 

    • Fine Arts, Cultural Arts or Film
    • Literature
    • History
    • Philosophy

      2. Social Sciences: 6 Credits (2 Courses)

    At least two of the following areas must be represented:

    • Economics
    • Psychology
    • Sociology

      3. Natural Sciences 3 Credits (1 Course)

    A course in one of the following areas:

    • Life sciences
    • Earth and Planetary Sciences
    • Physics

    University Core Requirements: 6 Credits (2 Courses)

    Fairleigh Dickinson University requires all students to complete this common University Core curriculum that has a strong emphasis on liberal arts:

    • UNIV 2001 Cross-cultural Perspectives
    • UNIV 2002 Global Issues

    Free Electives Requirements: 15 Credits (5 Courses)

    Students should consult with their advisor in selecting from various course offerings. Electives can be chosen to form a concentration in an area such as business or liberal arts.