Degree Completion Program for Yeshiva/Seminary Students

The FDU Yeshiva and Seminary Program allows yeshiva and seminary students to transfer their various credits to FDU, where they can earn a bachelor’s degree in a flexible program. The faculty are passionate about ensuring that yeshiva and seminary students can transfer up to 18 CLEP credits, as well as transfer 72 credits from yeshiva or seminary. This means that students are required to complete as little as 30 credits of college coursework at FDU in order to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree.

The FDU Yeshiva and Seminary Program’s dedicated faculty deliver highly specialized career development and graduate assistance that is tailored to meet the needs of yeshiva and seminary students. These specialized support ensures that yeshiva and seminary students have the opportunity to reach their full potential at the college level.Selected courses are available to students in a convenient online format.

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Dr. Eric Goldman
Office: 201-692-2672
Room 133, Edward Williams Hall
Hackensack, NJ 07601

Dr. Francisco Parra
Academic Advisor, Assistant Director
Office: 201-692-2746
Fax: 201-692-2503
150 Kotte Place
Hackensack, NJ 07601