About Petrocelli College


Formed in April 1998, originally with the name New College of General and Continuing Studies, Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies addresses the special educational needs of nontraditional students, including adult learners.

Recognizing that the student profile on most U.S. campuses is changing dramatically, the University's Petrocelli College provides a unified approach to -- and enhanced focus on -- adult learners; it continues to position FDU as a leader in providing learning opportunities in a strong academic foundation for students of all ages. The College also provides a point of entry and a supportive educational environment for those full-time students who do not meet regular admission requirements.

Petrocelli College features precollege programs, two- and four-year undergraduate degree offerings, seven graduate degree programs, postbaccalaureate education and nondegree programs, with many credit, noncredit and certification options. Based on the Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, New Jersey, the College offers programs on both New Jersey campuses, as well as at more than 40 other sites. Courses are offered in formats, at times, and in locations convenient for those students outside the mainstream of traditional undergraduate and graduate populations served by the University's other colleges.

Regarding the Academic Calendar - Standard vs. Non-Standard

FDU operates academic programs under two distinct calendars, a standard "traditional" term calendar and a nonstandard term calendar. Every academic program must operate fully within one or the other and students must select classes from the calendar in which their program operates.

Standard term programs are those that follow the University’s traditional calendar: two 15-week semesters, fall and spring, along with an optional 3-week wintersession and an 18-week summer session. Nonstandard term programs are those that run three 12-week terms, fall, spring, and summer I, along with an optional 10 week summer II session.

For more information, visit the FDU "Academic Calendar" page.

Financial Aid

Students in standard term programs will see no difference in the way their financial aid is calculated and disbursed. As in the past, half of the annual award will be disbursed in the fall and the other half in the spring. Refunds (if received) can be used to help finance optional summer classes.

Students in nonstandard term programs will have their annual award divided into thirds with one-third disbursed in each term: fall, spring, and summer I.

Questions regarding financial aid should be discussed with your financial aid counselor (201-692-2363).

Course Selection

Students may register only for courses that are scheduled to run in the same calendar as their own academic program. In other words, if you are enrolled in a standard term program (e.g. Latino Promise) you may not register for courses that are offered in a nonstandard term format (e.g. AA or BAIS online) and if you are in a nonstandard term program you may not register for courses that run in a standard term.

When searching WebAdvisor for courses, be sure to select the appropriate semester code for your program as listed in FDU's "CourseFinder" system:

Accelerated (5-year) Programs

Students enrolled in a five year program where the undergraduate program operates in the standard term calendar and the graduate program operates in the nonstandard term calendar must select graduate courses that run in the standard 15-week format until the undergraduate degree is completed. At that time the student will be moved to the nonstandard calendar. Two such programs are the combined Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Interdisciplinary Studies with the Master of Sports Administration (MSA) and the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sports Administration with the Master of Sports Administration (MSA).

It is important for you to know whether your degree program operates in the standard or nonstandard calendar as indicated below. If you have questions, contact your academic advisor.

Standard Term Calendar Programs

  • AA on campus
  • BAIS on campus
  • Puerta al Futuro
  • Latino Promise
  • BA in Interdisciplinary Studies
  • International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (ISHTM) undergraduate & graduate

Nonstandard Term Calendar Programs

  • MiraeRo (Korean students)
  • AA and BAIS online
  • AA and BAIS off campus
  • Yeshiva
  • MAS
  • MSA
  • MSSA

If you find that your student record is incorrectly coded, contact the appropriate program office so that this can be corrected.