Honors Programs

There is a University Honors Program on each campus. In addition, for students who are particularly interested in global issues, there is the Global Scholars Program on the Metropolitan Campus and the Florham Scholars Program at the Florham Campus. Students may participate in the University Honors Program and a Scholars program at the same time.

University Honors Program

The University Honors Program recognizes students of high academic achievement and talent. It offers gifted and motivated students the opportunity to pursue a course of college study that combines a broad liberal education with intensive, guided study in a particular major field of interest. The Honors Program encourages experiential learning outside of the classroom. Students are offered the opportunity to pursue specialized internships, to take advantage of New York City's and New Jersey's varied cultural and educational resources, to undertake independent research and to prepare a senior honors thesis.

The curriculum of the University Honors Program features advanced honors sections of the University Core curriculum as well as a variety of other honors-level studies. See the respective campus-specific University Honors Curriculum pages for details.

The FDU Honors Program scholar is a student interested in sharing in the community of scholarship and collegiality of the University. Each member of the program has demonstrated a high degree of academic competency, intellectual curiosity and personal maturity. The honors student has shown promise of benefiting from a program with specially focused curricular requirements, individual guidance and independent study. Honors students are eligible for Honors housing. They participate in special extracurricular activities and present at regional and national Honors conferences. Entering freshmen with a 3.00 (B) grade point ratio in high school (3.25 Florham Campus), combined SAT scores of 1,150 and a verbal SAT of 600 (verbal at the Florham Campus only) or equivalent ACT scores are eligible for consideration to participate in the Honors Program.

Any qualified transfer student or currently enrolled student may apply for membership in the University Honors Program NO LATER THAN the first semester of their junior year. Please refer to campus-specific pages for more details and/or deadlines.

For detailed information about the University Honors Program, please contact the University Honors Program Office on each campus.

University-wide Honors lists and Graduation Honors

Honors List and Dean's List

issued each semester to recognize high academic achievement in grade point average

Graduation Honors

earned undergraduate degree with designation summa cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude to recognize consistent high academic achievement over the whole undergraduate academic career.