Interactive Timeline of Florham Campus History

This timeline, created by FDU Florham Campus honors students, is an interactive display showing the history of the Florham Campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University, starting in the late 1800s and concluding with future campus projects.

Based on plans retrieved from the Olmstead archive, the map on the left presents the Hamilton Twombly estate around 1892. For comparison, the map on the right presents the FDU Florham Campus around 2014.


Maps created by Andrew Remeniski in collaboration with Meredith Cowan.

For more on the history of the Florham Campus, the first episode of NJTV's Treasures of New Jersey featured the Florham estate and is available to view online here. Treasures of New Jersey is an original NJTV documentary series that features the state’s premier cultural institutions and iconic architectural landmarks.