Distance Learning

The University views the Internet as a fundamental learning, communication, research and collaboration tool with which every graduating student should have a high level of facility for a lifetime of job and educational success. In furtherance of the University’s global education mission, the online format provides a means for integration of global information resources and the participation of faculty members from around the world (our Global Virtual Faculty™) as teaching partners with our local, on-site faculty.

To take any online course, students must have an active FDU Webmail account prior to the beginning of the semester. Without a Webmail account, participation in these courses is impossible. Webmail accounts can be obtained online by going to http://webmail.fdu.edu/ and following the step-by-step instructions.

To find out more information about online courses, students should contact their college dean or department chair/director.

Questions regarding the online delivery should be directed to the Office of Educational Technology at oet@fdu.edu. In addition, general information about online programs can be found at http://globaleducation.edu.