Motorcycle Courses on Your Schedule

Private Lessons on closed course

$200 per 2.5 hour session; $225 with retest.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please call 201-692-6500


  • Successful completion of Basic Rider Course
  • Valid NJ Motorcycle License or Driver’s license with Motorcycle endorsement.
  • Notarized parental consent if under the age of 18.
  • You must supply proper riding gear (see below).
  • Your own motorcycle required
  • Current registration 
  • Proof of insurance
  • Check Tire Pressure COLD
  • Pass T-CLOCs inspection.

Bring with you to private lessons

  • Photo I.D. and NJ Driver's License with Motorcycle endorsement
  • FDU Private Lesson receipt and Statement of Understanding
  • Over the ankle footwear (broken-in), leather preferable, minimum of 1-inch above the ankle bone.
  • DOT approved eye protection.
  • Long sleeve jacket or shirt.
  • Long pants of durable material. MUST be free of defects.
    (NOT Sweatpants, slacks, jogging suits/flared pants.)
  • Full-fingered gloves. We STRONGLY recommend leather.
  • Rain gear, since classes run rain or shine.
  • Snacks and beverages.
  • Prompt, 100% attendance, in the order the curriculum is presented. Late students WILL be dismissed.

Classroom Only Programs

Group Riding - Groups of 10

  • Program will discuss ride preparation, standards for organization of the ride and important knowledge such as proper formations in complex situations.

Street Smarts - Groups of 12

  • Fun program demonstrates "Search and Evaluate".
  • Introduction to perception, improving perceptions, analysis of collision traps, road signs and collision trap practices.
  • Program also helps assess peripheral vision and useful field of view.

Seasoned Rider

  • Assesses and compensates for the effects of aging on the rider's ability to manage risk.
  • Program is good for any age and any type of vehicle operator.


  • Enhances motorist's awareness of motorcycles.
  • Program combines personal stories and character development with a dramatic look at crash scene that is all too common.
  • Program is for Teens, Adults and Commercial drivers.

Contact Information

2019 Registration is Open!


(201) 692-6505

(800) 338-3887
(201) 692-6500

FDU Continuing Ed.
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Room #1134
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