Center for Excellence

Leadership, Governance, and Philanthropy

Our focus is to support emerging and current leaders who wish to improve their performance as leaders in executive management, board leadership, and executive philanthropy, as well as those seeking to transition to the nonprofit sector.

The Center For Excellence: Leadership, Governance and Philanthropy at Fairleigh Dickinson University was established to be the leading education support and training center dedicated to ensuring effective leadership in the nonprofit community. The Center is designed as a resource for emerging and ascending leaders in executive management, board leadership, and executive philanthropy.

  • Our programs are targeted to individuals who want to increase their skill set as well as their organization's performance and results.
  • Our presenters are successful leaders in the nonprofit space who also serve as mentors.

In addition to classroom instruction, our students participate in field visits to select high performing organizations to learn from those currently recognized for excellence in their respective fields.

Our Vision

Our program will be a nationally recognized Leader in the nonprofit sector.

We will measure our achievement towards this vision by:

  • The success of our alumni.
  • The reputation of our instructors.
  • The growth of those attending our program (certificates, conferences, workshops and webinars).
  • Our competitive educational approach to other national leaders.