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Information Sessions

On Thursdays, from 11:00 - 1:00 pm, the CCM-FDU Scholars Program Liaison will be in the CCM Cohen Hall Alcove to answer questions about the Scholars Program, FDU's academic programs, scheduling, and the admissions process. Students may also stop by to fill out the Interest Form, which will begin the communication process with FDU.

Students are encouraged to join CCM-FDU Scholars as early in their County College of Morris career as possible, so they can plan how their curriculum requirements will also satisfy the FDU requirements. Students are eligible for the CCM-FDU Scholars tuition reduction as soon as they have completed their associate degree, applied to FDU, and have been admitted to FDU. The Scholars Program scholarship is available to County College of Morris graduates choosing to enroll in FDU part time or full time.

County College of Morris Students May Apply

Compete this form to learn more and establish your connection with an advisor at FDU who will lead you through the process to enroll and receive your scholarship. Submit this form and FDU will contact you.

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