Peter Woolley

Professor of Comparative Politics &
Florham Campus Provost

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Courses Taught

  • American Government & Politics
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Japanese Politics
  • War, Peace & Arms
  • Irregular Warfare

Research Interests

Public opinion; campaigns and elections; US-Japan alliance.


  • Ph.D., Political Science, University of Pittsburgh
  • M.A., Political Science, University of Pittsburgh
  • A.B., International Relations, St. Joseph's University

Selected Publications

  • Woolley, Peter J. Geography and Japan’s Strategic Choices: from Seclusion to Internationalization, (Alexandria, VA: Potomac Books, 2005). 201 pp.
  • Woolley, Peter J., Japan's Navy: Politics and Paradox, 1971-2001. Foreword by James E. Auer. (Boulder, Col.: Lynne-Rienner Publishers, 2000), 161 pp.
  • Woolley, Peter J. and Albert Papa, eds., American Politics: Core Argument and Current Controversy, 2nd ed. (Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice-Hall Publishers, 2002), 504 pp.; 1st edition (1998), 416 pp.
  • Bruce G. Peabody & Peter J. Woolley, The Public’s Constitutional Thinking and the Fate of Health Care Reform: PPACA as Case Study, Fordham Law Review, V. 81, No. 3., pp. 26-40
  • Peter J. Woolley & Bruce G. Peabody, Polls, the Public, and Popular Perspectives on Constitutional Issues, Fordham Law Review, V. 81, No. 3.
  • Woolley, Peter J. and Peabody, Bruce G., "Popular Constitutional Values: The Links Between Public Opinion and the Supreme Court's 2011 Term" (2013). Res Gestae. Paper 14:
  • Peabody, Bruce G. and Woolley, Peter J., "Res Publica: Public Opinion, Constitutional Law, and the Supreme Court’s 2010 Term" (2011). Res Gestae. Paper 4:
  • Woolley, Peter J. and Dan Cassino. 2010. “Polling a Third Party Challenger: Fact or Artifact?” Survey Practice, VOL3 NO4 (2008):
  • Dan Cassino, Krista Jenkins and Peter J. Woolley, “Measuring ‘What if?’ Standard versus priming methods for polling counterfactuals,” Survey Practice. VOL1  NO 4 (2008):
  • Woolley, Peter J., "Japan's Sealane Defense Revisited" in Strategic Review, Vol. XXIV, No. IV, (Fall 1996), pp. 49-58.
  • Woolley, Peter J. "Japan's Minesweeping Decision 1991: An Organizational Response" in Asian Survey Vol. XXXVI, No. 8, (August 1996), pp. 804-817. [Ibid., reprinted in Edward R. Beauchamp, ed., Japan's Role in International Politics Since World War II. Series: Dimensions of Contemporary Japan, Vol. VI (Hamden, Conn.: Garland, 1998), pp. 104-117.]
  • Woolley, Peter J. and Cdr. Mark S. Woolley, USN, "The Kata of Japan's Naval Forces" in Naval War College Review, Vol. XLIX, No. 2 (Spring 1996), pp. 59-69.
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  • Woolley, Peter J. "Japan's Security Policies: Into the Twenty-First Century" The Journal of East and West Studies, vol. 22, no. 2 (October 1992), pp. 107-119.
  • Woolley, Peter J. "Geography and the Limits of U.S. Military Intervention" in Conflict Quarterly, vol. XI, no. 4 (Fall 1991), pp. 35-50.
  • Peter J. Woolley, “National vs. Local Issues,” in Larry J. Sabato, ed., The Sixth Year Itch: the 2006 midterm elections.
  • Woolley, Peter J. "The United States, Japan, and the Defense of Democratic States in the Western Pacific" in Saving Democracies: U.S. Intervention in Threatened Democratic States, Anthony James Joes, ed. (Westport, Conn.: Praeger Publishers, 2000), pp. 145-166.
  • Woolley, Peter J. "Geography Revisited: Expectations of U.S. Military Intervention in the Post-Cold War Era" in Peacemaking, Peacekeeping and Coalition Warfare, Fariborz L. Mokhtari, ed. (Washington, D.C.: National Defense University Press, 1994), pp. 187-201.


Prof. Woolley makes regular presentations and press appearances as co-founder, and long-time director, of PublicMind, the University's independent polling and research center. He currently serves as the Provost for the Florham Campus and Senior Vice Provost for Government & Community Affairs. For more on Prof. Woolley visit his personal website.



Peter Woolley
Professor of Comparative Politics & Florham Campus Provost
Tel: 973-443-8725

Department of Social Sciences and History
Fairleigh Dickinson University
285 Madison Ave, M-MS3-02
Madison, NJ 07940

Fairleigh Dickinson University Mansion
Office Location
Room 9


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See Prof. Woolley interviewed by Mark Blumenthal of about "Polling a Third Party Challenger" at the annual meeting of the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers (video link).

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