Psychology and Counseling Resource Center

The Psychology and Counseling Resource Center is the entity through which the Psychology Department provides consulting and training support services for local business and community organizations.

The mission of the CRC is to make the academic and consulting talents of the department's faculty and students available to local business and corporations by creating an alliance between the university and the organization. These alliances generate learning opportunities for our graduate students, and low-cost consulting services for our sponsoring organizations.

Corporate sponsors contract with the Department to provide a yearly sustaining fee (based on organization size). In return, the Department’s faculty, as part of their normal teaching, advising, research and professional development activities, will:

  • Develop and conduct leadership training for small business owners, corporate managers, and high potential employees.
  • Assist the business or corporate sponsor in the development of training and development plans and activities.
  • Help develop performance assessment strategies and tools.
  • Assist in the hiring process by providing candidate evaluations.
  • Provide short-term research consultation, instrument or survey development and statistical analysis support as requested by the sponsor.
  • Work with owners, managers and employees in a professional coaching relationship.
  • Maintain a “hot-line” where the sponsor's key people can discuss specific problem situations on a real time basis.
  • Provide and supervise graduate student “interns” to work with the sponsor on special projects.

Corporate sponsors may also contract with the Department to provide additional consulting and training services for which they will be billed “academic” rates substantially below those available in the consulting marketplace. These services will be provided by the Department’s faculty, staff and students as needed.



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