Prelaw Minor

Department of Social Sciences and History

The 15-credit Prelaw Minor provides students with the substantive background and specific skills for success in law school as well as basic exposure to legal systems and concepts. The Prelaw minor targets these areas for development:

1. clear, concise, organized writing

2. logic and reasoning skills

3. oral argument and advocacy

4. effective argument construction and assessment

5. exposure to legal thinking and terminology

Required Courses

GOVT1200 Introduction to Law OR

GOVT3240 Law and Society

And an additional 12 credits from the following list:

GOVT3240 Law and Society
GOVT 2300 Civil Liberties / Civil Rights
GOVT 3220 Criminal Law
GOVT 3305 Judicial Process
GOVT 3320 The Supreme Court
GOVT 4220 Advanced Criminal Law
GOVT 3230 International Criminal Law
AFAM 2100 The New Jim Crow

ANTH 2431 Anthropology of Crime
ANTH 3349 War and Crime
CMLGY 1306 Intro to Crime and Criminology
CMLGY 2317 Probation and Parole
CMLGY 2503 Crime & Media
CMLGY 2701 Penology
HIST 3250 Crime & Punishment in S. Africa
HIST 3251 Crime & Punishment in Latin America
PHIL 2432 Philosophy of Law
WOMEN 2312 Gender and Public Policy

Other courses may be accepted upon petitioning to the director of the Prelaw Minor. These substitutes may include relevant faculty/student research, internships, or senior thesis credits.


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