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Residencies for MA in Creative Writing and Literature for Educators

June 28 to 30, 2019 (Friday to Sunday)

Residencies are held at our Florham Campus in Madison, NJ

During the three-day residencies students live on campus where they meet with instructors and participate in activities such as lectures, critical workshops, generative workshops, panel discussions, analysis seminars, and readings. There also are several hours of unscheduled time for writing and revision.

All students must begin the program by attending the residency that precedes their first semester course(s).

A schedule for a typical residency might look something like this:


9-9:30 Breakfast and sign-in

9:30-10 Introductions

10-11 Workshop 1, on Contemporary American Drama

11:15-12:15 Workshop 2, on Dramatic Writing

12:15-1:20 Lunch

1:30-2:30 Talk by Visiting Writer James Richardson

2:30-3 Break and conversation

3-5 Workshop 3, on Reading Like a Writer

5:30-7 Dinner

7-8:30 Discussion of shared readings


8:45-9:45 Breakfast and conversation

9:45-11:45 Workshop 4, on Poetry

11:45-1 Lunch

1-2 Workshop 5, on Irish Literature

2-2:15 Break and conversation

2:15-3:15 Workshop 6, on Jane Austen

3:15-3:45 Break and conversation

3:45-4:45 Workshop 7, on Creative Non-Fiction

4:45-5 Break and conversation

5-6 Reading by Visiting Writer James Richardson

6-7:30 Dinner

7:30-9 Faculty reading


8:30-9:30 Breakfast and conversation

9:30-10:30 Workshop 8, on Fiction

10:30-11 Break and conversation

11-12 Workshop 9, on The International Short Story

12-1:30 Lunch

1:30-2:30 Workshop 10, on Young Adult Literature

2:30-3 Break and conversation

3-4 Workshop 11, on Graphic Novels

4-4:30 Closing