College Writing Program: Florham Campus

The Florham Campus College Writing Program offers four undergraduate composition courses:

  • ENGW 0198: Fundamentals of Writing
  • ENGW 1000: Introduction to Composition
  • ENGW 1001: Composition I: Rhetoric and Inquiry
  • ENGW 1002: Composition II: Research and Argument

Course descriptions are provided below.

All undergraduate composition courses are structured as workshops that focus on strengthening reading skills and practicing a process approach to writing. Students learn to reflect upon what they write, test ideas and conclusions reached, and reshape and revise ideas. They become aware that all writing is contextualized: when we write, we respond to the ideas of others and we adapt what we say to a particular audience. When students can value writing as a heuristic activity, they will become serious writers producing serious work.

The College Writing Program at Florham is a contributing partner to the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives at Ohio State University.

Program Contact

Kathryn Douglas; Director of College Writing Program

Phone: 973-443-8710


Office Location:
Suite 222
Monninger Center for Teaching and Research

Department Contact

Matthieu Boyd, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Tel: 973-443-8096

Literature, Language, Writing, and Philosophy Department
Fairleigh Dickinson University
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Madison, NJ 07940

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