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Literature, Language, Writing, and Philosophy

The department of Literature, Language, Writing, and Philosophy at the Florham Campus offers BA programs in literature, modern languages, creative writing, philosophy, and humanities. On the graduate level, it offers a low-residency MFA in Creative Writing and a low-residency M.A. in Creative Writing and Literature for Educators.

Students may fulfill major, core curriculum, and elective requirements in literature at FDU's Wroxton College in England.  

The Literature major combines traditional literary study with more recent theoretical approaches. Requirements include work in a range of literary periods, styles, themes, and authors in English, American, and World literature. Students may choose between two tracks, one emphasizing the study of British and American Literature, another emphasizing World Literature, from a global context. Students are grounded in approaches to questions of authorship, audience, cultural context, and role of literature in society, themes emphasized throughout the curriculum. Course options are designed to offer thorough preparation for students planning to teach English at the secondary level.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: The department has recently changed the subject/course codes for most Literature courses. Click HERE for an updated listing of Literature (LITS) offerings.**

Modern Languages
Majors and minors are offered in Spanish and French. Courses in Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Arabic languages and cultures are also offered as well as American Sign Language.

Creative Writing
The Creative Writing major provides students the opportunity to learn the art and technique of writing in a variety of forms and styles. With a skilled and widely published faculty, the department offers beginning and advanced courses in fiction and poetry, along with courses in a range of other writing disciplines, such as creative non-fiction, article writing, critical writing and reviewing, and persuasive writing. Courses in playwriting and screen writing are available from the Department of Visual and Performing Arts. Students may specialize in fiction or poetry. To develop familiarity with models of excellence, each student's program includes courses in modern and contemporary literature, genres, and literary periods. The program culminates in a senior writing project.

Major and minor programs are available in Philosophy to offer students in-depth study of civilization's most important ideas, most significant thought systems, and most brilliant thinkers.  The analytical skills developed through this study are applicable to further study and professional careers in many fields.

The Humanities major offers a comprehensive overview of the relationships among the arts, literature, history, and philosophy through a range of required and electives courses, culminating in two upper-level interdisciplinary seminars. This major is one of those recommended for students intending to teach and the elementary and junior-school levels.

MFA in Creative Writing
The MFA in Creative Writing is a low-residency program in which students work closely with mentors who are published authors through distance learning. They meet in person with faculty, visiting writers, and other students during two residencies held each year, including one at the Wroxton, England, campus. Additionally, through the use of an international reading faculty, this global program allows students to receive guidance from the perspective of writers and poets throughout the world. The MFA degree is offered in three disciplines: Poetry, Fiction, and Creative Non-Fiction.

MA in Creative Writing and Literature for Educators
The MA in Creative Writing and Literature for Educators is the first graduate program in the nation to focus on the needs of high school teachers who teach both creative writing and literature. It gives teachers who dream of being writers a practical way to hone their creative skills while preparing themselves to teach writing in the middle school and high school classroom.

College Writing Program
The College Writing Program offers several courses in sequence designed to help istudents enhance the writing, research, and critical thinking skills they will apply throughout their education and careers.


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