Chemistry - Periodic Table at Madison

Periodic Table of Elements 2 FULL

Dr. Ron Strange points out an element (hahnium or dubnium? It's Db!) on our giant Periodic Table of the Elements, completed in 1998 with the assistance of a group of chemistry majors. The Table, until 2011, could be viewed in the main hall of the Science Building. To the right stand Jessica Baka and Johanna Militello (both BS, class of 2000) with Dr. Ray Baylouny (retired, now Professor Emeritus). Behind them is Dr. Michael Avaltroni (BS, class of 1999; Ph.D., Princeton, 2003), who joined our faculty in 2003 and is now Dean of the new School of Pharmacy at the College at Florham.

For those of you who are experts on the Periodic Table, take note of the correct placement of the elements Lu and La (and also Lr and Ac). Lutetium begins the d-block (Row 6) since it is a d1 metal, while lanthanum is placed in the f-block, where it belongs, with the other rare earth elements.

Our periodic table is now history since a major renovation covered it over with calcium sulfate, CaSO4, commonly known as gypsum (sheet-rock). Watch for our new PT - with two new elements! An edible preview is shown below.

PeriodicTable_incookies FULL

This shows the Chemistry faculty's celebratory nod to the International Year of Chemistry (2011) at it's annual end-of-year and Christmas dinner. This is a complete Periodic Table of the Elements - all 118 of them - in cookies. The last two elements to be enjoyed were thallium (Tl) and plutonium (Pu) - even though they are not the only toxic elements. Chemists are always careful!

Always keeping chemistry in full view we now have a visible replacement for the original PT. The new Table (below) is at the other end of the hall outside of S-4 where many students learned distillations, Diels-Alder additions, and chlorinations in OrgoLAB. Many thanks to our students and the GSE.



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