Profiles of FDU MHS Graduates

These profiles provide a view of the Master of Health Science Gateway to Professional Studies program through the eyes of recent graduates.

Melanie (2016 graduate)

MHS Grad: MelanieAs a graduate of the Master of Health Science-Gateway to Professional Studies, my experiences have not only strengthened my academic background, but also prepared me for my future career as a Physician Assistant. I have met brilliant people and friends who I am still connected with now. I had the opportunity to challenge myself at a more advanced level and apply that knowledge to the program in which I am currently enrolled. I thank the staff and talented professors for the extensive help and proper preparation they gave to me throughout this program. My favorite part of this program was meeting my classmates. We have all grown so close and supported each other throughout the curriculum; like one big family. I would not change the experience we’ve had together for the world.

Courses such as biochemistry and histology were challenging but now benefit me in courses that I am currently taking. I learned about how our body functions internally via chemical reactions and how cells function at a microscopic level. Overall, the courses in this master’s program apply to so many healthcare fields that you are able to learn about not just one area of medicine, but a plethora of others. One example is pharmacology: the study of various drugs and their side effects will benefit me as a Physician Assistant.

The most important piece of advice I’d like to hand down to future classes is to always give your all in pursuit of your dreams, armed with confidence and a positive mindset.

Neha (2016 graduate)

MHS Grad: NehaThe Master in Health Science program was created to help students enhance their credentials for professional school. In this program, you will have classes that help you prepare for what specialized graduate programs will require of you. It was a well thought out program that is appropriate for anyone interested in going into the fields of occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician assistant and even medical and dental school. My favorite part of this program is the support that I had from one of the program directors, Dr. Melloy. She would always be catching up with us asking us how the program was meeting our expectations. You will meet colleagues who plan on being in different fields than you and the rapport you will establish with them remains throughout the program.