MHS Clinical Research Administration Track

The M.H.S. in clinical research administration is a 31-credit program (inclusive of the 10 hours of required M.H.S. core credits) that will produce graduates with a wide array of knowledge encompassing various approaches to evidence generation, translation and application. Objectives for the clinical research track are drawn from competencies established by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) for clinical research. Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Discern the knowledge and skill sets available from clinical research approaches needed to address specific health care issues and problems.
  • Synthesize meaningful, relevant and important research questions that address important health care and public health problems that can be informed by systematic reviews of the literature, needs assessment and relevant theory and concepts.
  • Select appropriate interventional, quasi-experimental or observational study designs to address specific clinical research questions.
  • Collect primary health and health care data obtained by survey, qualitative or mixed methods, as well as assemble and integrate secondary data from existing public and private sources.
  • Defend the ethical and responsible design, implementation and analysis of specific clinical research programs.
  • Select the appropriate analytical methods to clarify associations between variables and to discern causal inferences.
  • Design, construct and deliver written and verbal communication about the findings and implications of particular clinical research programs for both professional and lay audiences.

Many of the graduates will likely also have Pharm.D. degrees or degrees in other clinical or life sciences to bring a knowledge and understanding in therapeutics and health-care delivery to their clinical research course of studies. Graduates will be highly skilled, marketable scientists who can apply their knowledge and skills in an array of health care areas conducting or benefiting from clinical research.

This program is offered under the auspices of the FDU School of Pharmacy, Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences, Florham Campus, Madison, New Jersey.