Dr. Brian F. M. Olechnowski

Courses Taught at FDU

Biological Diversity
Introduction to Molecules, Cells, and Genes
Animal Behavior
Conservation and Wildlife Management
Ecosystem and Environmental Science
Climate Change Biology
Transitioning to University Life (Freshman Seminar)


Research Interests

My research focuses on topics in ecological restoration, urban ecology, avian and mammalian behavior, and ex-situ conservation. My past research examined wildlife management issues in Grand Teton National Park (wolf reintroduction), East Africa (lion / tribal conflicts), and in North American prairie ecosystems (restoration of prairie systems). I am currently studying restoration of urban parks in the Bronx, NY (primarily the removal of invasive species) and implications of adaptive management in these areas for avian diversity. In addition, my students have developed projects examining the captive behavior of a variety of wild birds and mammals, including great apes, large cats, and penguins. These studies consider the conservation, ecology, welfare, and management of these animals in zoological parks. My lab group also studies optimal foraging, competition, and cognition in local bird populations.



Ph.D., Iowa State University, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2009
B.S., Cornell University, Applied Ecology and Natural Resource Management, 2004


Scholarly Publications

Parmenter, B.E., M. Lim, Y. Chen, C. Conroy, and B.F.M. Olechnowski. 2015. Microsatellite variation in the Owens Valley Vole (Microtus californicus vallicola). The Southwestern Naturalist 60(2): In Press

Olechnowski, B.F.M., D.M. Debinski, W.T. Reed, K.Viste-Sparkman, P. Drobney. 2009. Examining changes in vegetation structure through time in a restored tallgrass prairie ecosystem and the implications for avian diversity and community composition. Ecological Restoration 27(4):449-458.

Olechnowski, B.F.M. and D.M. Debinski. 2008. Response of songbirds to willow habitat structure in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 120(4):830-839.

Deitloff, J., D.C. Adams, B.F.M. Olechnowski, and R. Jaeger. 2008. Interspecific aggression in Ohio Plethodon: Implications for competition. Herpetologica 24:180-188.

Pritchard, J., D.M. Debinski, B.F.M. Olechnowski, and R. Van Nimwegen. 2006. The landscape of Paul Errington’s work. Wildlife Society Bulletin. 34(5): 1411-1416.


Scholarly Presentations

Olechnowski, B.F.M., B. Simmons, E. Pehek, and S. Stanley. 2015. Poster - Historical restoration and current status of riparian habitat in New York City parks and implications for avian diversity. Natural Areas Association, Annual Conference. Little Rock, AR.

Olechnowski, B.F.M. 2011. Presentation - Prairie song response to successional changes in Midwestern tallgrass prairie – International Association for Landscape Ecology (US-IALE) Annual Conference. Portland, Oregon.


Phone: (973) 443-8765
Email: bolech @ fdu.edu
Office: West Cottage 10