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Dental Medicine BS-DMD

Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences

Seven-year Program

(with Rutgers School of Dental Medicine)


Students accepted into this program will spend their first three years at FDU. The following four years will be spent at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. Following successful completion of the first year of study at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, the student will be awarded a B.S. degree by FDU.


Admission to the Program

Students who are in their fourth semester at FDU and who meet the application criteria may apply. Applicants must have had secondary school preparation in English, mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. Please speak to the FDU prehealth advisor for additional information on application criteria.

Following evaluation of applications by FDU and the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM)  admissions office, the Joint Admissions Committee will decide which applicants to interview at FDU and RSDM. The interview at RSDM will be conducted by a member of the RSDM Admissions Committee. The final decision will be made by the Joint Admissions Committee following review of the interviewers' comments.


Final Admission to RSDM

Final admission into the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine is dependent on satisfactory completion of the following:

  1. 98 credits as listed below at Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences
  2. A minimum grade point ratio of 3.50 and a minimum grade of "B" in each of the science courses required for admission to RSDM. There shall be no final grade of "D", "F" or "I" in any course required for admission to RSDM, appearing on the student's transcript.
  3. A satisfactory score on the Dental Aptitude Test must be submitted prior to admission to NJDS.
  4. A recommendation by nine faculty members, including:FDU students wishing to participate in the program must apply in writing to the preprofessional adviser no later than completion of 60 credits at FDU.
    • the chair of the Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences of Becton College
    • and the preprofessional adviser is required.
  5. Participation in any orientation programs required by RSDM.
  6. Final entrance into the D.M.D. program is contingent on satisfactory performance in all six semesters at FDU, not withstanding any prior offer of admission.
  7. Further information can be obtained from:
    • The Advisement Office for Graduate and Professional Studies at the College at Florham



Dr. James Salierno
Department Chair
Tel: 973-443-8776

Department of Biological & Allied Health Sciences
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