Graphic Design Major - Web Design Concentration

Available on the Florham Campus, Madison, NJ
School of the Arts

Web design encompasses the creative process in developing the front-end visuals of a website that work for its target market. It involves both the aesthetics and the mechanics of a website's operation. At FDU our courses focus on visual creativity and originality while targeting universal use and ease of access to provide information to as many users as possible. Our students learn to use industry standard software in creating graphics and web pages that conform to today’s standards.
While web designers are responsible for the visual aspect,  they also need to have a working knowledge of a variety of scripting languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Flash. In our courses we teach all of these skills while studying browser/server compatibility. Since computer technology changes rapidly, our faculty works constantly in learning about new developments in current software packages and related technologies such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Flash.
Because web designers often work closely with clients, consumers and project managers, they must have strong verbal and visual communications skills along with the ability to work well under tight deadlines. Our diverse liberal arts courses teach the communication, critical thinking, management and organization skills needed to interact well with others within the workplace.
Students can gain experience in working for real world clients on and off campus through the FDU Design Studio.

Janet ONeil
Director of the Graphic Design Program
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