Thesis Film Program 2017

MAY 2, 2017 @ 6:30 PM

Tickets $5.00
At the door or at

2017 FDUFilm Senior Thesis Projects

Wallace (15 min)

Danah Lassiter

A mother must take care of her family while also 
figuring out how best to care for her bipolar son.

Unheard (15 min)

Lauren Ide

A young girl, Emily, goes missing from home.
Having left behind her hearing aids, Emily is left to
wander the unknown world without sound.

Touch & Go (20 min)

Hasaanah Adbul-Wahid + Andrew Carroll

A mother tragically struggles to make
a choice between her own life and death.


Cerebral (20 min)

Tim Doran

A young man in college finds his own struggle
with being different is eased when he allows a
friendship with someone very much unlike him to blossom.

Lower Slower (15 min)

Foster Vernon

A young man struggles with his relationships to the
people around him during a night of drinking and mayhem.

Break (7 min)

Aaron Carbullido

A drama set in high school that focuses on the ambiguity
of violence and the many shades of grey the concept of morality can hold.

Boogie Man (7 min)

Whitney Curry

We follow the events that happen to a
woman, while she is home alone. What could go wrong?


Necromancer (20 min)

Ruby Snyder + Jessica Keller

A reformed scientist is approached by his former
partner to complete their unfinished experiment; to re-animate life.
When they successfully raise a girl from the dead,
she begins to remember the past. But, these
newfound skeletons just may pose a threat to their
fragile partnership and to their lives.

Lotus (15 min)

Will Ahearn

After Kelly decides to move in with her childhood friend,
Jane, she finds that Jane is not the same girl she used to know.
As the mysteries of Jane's many personalities unfold,
either young woman will ever be the same.

Of Dionysus (25 min)

Scott Giameo 

A modern re-telling of the book of Genesis. A vision of light,
reflecting parenthood, drugs, sex, violence,
and what it really means to create.

NightGuard (10 min)

Gabe Waldman

A story about the disconnect between work and life,
and how a person can come to feel 'shut in.' Jin,
a Korean-American, finds his life defined
by the screens he is perpetually facing.