Film - Studios, Facilities & Equipment

FDU Film Studio


  • Dreyfuss Cinema Sound Stage with full stand-alone lighting/ grip package and fisher 10 dolly, designed as a miniature SilverCup Studios sound stage (with green screen sweep)
  • Twombly Cinema Sound Stage, with LED lighting and small grip package for student assignment use (with portable green screen)
  • Twombly BlackMagic TV Studio, with 3 Blackmagic studio cameras and pre-lit talk show set
  • Sound Recording Room for Foley and ADR.
  • Digital Cinema Screening Room
  • Two Pre & Post Production class rooms with Avid, Final Cut, Premier, AfterEffects,  DeVinci lite, Movie Magic scheduling software, Pro Tools Sound Mixing and X2Pro, music/sound efx library
  • Digital Animation/After Effects lab

Roxy & Alex w F3


  • Sony F5 HD/4k super 35mm camera with Cooke prime lenses, on-board monitors, mattebox & follow focus,Tiffan filters (Advanced Cinematography track students)
  • Sony FS 700 HD/2k/4k super 35mm camera with high speed options, with Zeiss lenses, on-board monitor, mattebox & follow focus,Tiffan filters (Advanced Cinematography track students)
  • JVC GYLS300 Super 35mm HD/2K/ 4K camera w Rokinon lenses, on-board monitor, mattebox & follow focus,  filters
  • Sony F3 super 35mm sensor HD camera packages with Zeiss Compact prime lenses, on-board monitors, matteboxes & follow focus, Tiffan filters (Cinematography track students)
  • Sony EA 50 35 mm sensor HD camera w zoom & prime lenses (Reality TV/Documentary class)
  • Sony FS100 35mm sensor HD camera packages with nikon prime lenses, Ikan on-board monitors, mattbox & follow focus, Cokin filters (Junior/Senior classes)
  • Sony 5U HD cameras (Sophomore production classes)
  • JVC 700HD Cameras with Fujion Zoom lenses (Reality TV class)
  • Sony VG 20 HD cameras (Freshmen production classes)
  • Osmo 4k Gyro Camera
  • GoPro Black
  • Sony Action Cam
  • Arriflex SR 16mm camera w Zeiss zoom
  • Manfroto 502, 504 & 509 tripods
  • EZ Hi-hat
  • Varizoom Shoulder rig
  • Slider

stray lighting


  • Mole Bi-color LED 1x1 panel lights w batteries
  • Mole 2k Junior Daylight LED fresnels
  • Ikan Bi-color LED panel lights, with batteries
  • ProPanel 2x2 LED bi-color softlight
  • Lowel ProPower Daylight LED kit
  • Cineo LS Remote Phospher LED kit (advanced students)
  • Cineo Matchbox LED kit
  • Stella 2000 Daylight LED spot lights
  • Aladdin LED Eyelghts
  • Rosco LED Litepad kits
  • LitePanel LED brick light
  • Kinoflo Diva light
  • Kinoflo 4x4 kits
  • Kinoflo 2x4 interview kit
  • Mini-Kinoflo kit
  • Arri mixed light kits with chimeras
  • Lowel Rifa light kits
  • Mole Baby Juniors
  • Mole Studio Juniors
  • Mole 2k Zip lights
  • Mole Baby 4k soft lights
  • Source-four ERS lights
  • 1,200w HMI PARs
  • 1,200w HMI Fresnels
  • Hive Killer plasma light (advanced students)
  • 2,000 watt suitcase generators

Film camera & jib


  • Matthews Dutti Dolly with track & stands
  • Matthews Doorway dolly
  • Mirco-dollies
  • Indie-Dolly with straight & curved track
  • EZ Jibs
  • Grip stands & high boy stands
  • Assorted flags & nets including wagflags
  • Flexi-fill reflectors
  • 4x4 Hollywood reflectors
  • 8x8 butterflies
  • 6x6 butterflies
  • Apple boxes
  • Sandbags
  • Assorted Matthews grip hardware including Maffer clamps, Matthellini clamps, 750 side arms, Pigeons, studded C-clamps, etc.

jalen boom


  • Assorted boompoles
  • Sennheiser shotgun mics
  • Sennheiser lavaliere mics
  • Wireless mics
  • portable audio mixers
  • Tascam digital sound recorders
  • Wireless mic/mixer/recorder location kits (for Reality TV/ Senior thesis classes)


The FDU Backlot

FDU Film Studio

The FDU Florham Campus, with its historic mansion, rolling hills, Italian garden and classic fountains provides students with the same backlot used by feature films and commercials. Hollywood feature films such as "A Beautiful Mind" and "The Family Stone" shot on campus and afforded our students the opportunity to be on set and observe a professional production. Many TV commercials have also shot on our campus, using the Florham Mansion and the recreation building.

Our students take advantage of having a unique backlot to shoot their projects on. Our Virtual Production office has location scout photos of areas across the campus from the woods and fields to the lounges and building structures. The quaint town of Madison also provides students with town and suburban locations to film in and the vibrant New York City is only a 45 minute train ride away.

Please see our Virtual Production Office Location section.



Vincent Guagenti

School of the Arts
Fairleigh Dickinson University
285 Madison Ave - M-DB0-01
Madison, NJ 07940

Fairleigh Dickinson University Mansion
Office Location
Dreyfuss Building - Bottom Floor