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The following is a list of suggested film classes and suggested semesters to assist Film Major students in planning their four year course of study. Students may create their own course of study, keeping in mind that certain courses must be taken as prerequisites for more advanced classes. Students must complete 128 credits to earn their degree, with 45 within the major. Students should plan on taking between 15 – 18 credits per semester.

All students must fullfill the liberal arts requirements as well as the major requirements.

Course work can be linked –  scripts written in Screenwriting I can be filmed in Filmmaking III or Senior Thesis or may be forwarded to Film Directing class. Lighting and Cinematography students can help shoot Film Directing class and Client Video assignments. Post-Production II editors can help edit Client Video productions. Screenwriting II work can become Senior Thesis scripts.     


Freshman Year

  • Filmmaking I
  • PhotoShop
  • Cinematic Storytelling
  • History of Film


Sophomore Year

  • Filmmaking II
  • Post Production I   
  • Screenwriting I                                                
  • French Film or Italian Cinema or another foreign film course
  • Intro to Television


Junior Year

  • Filmmaking III  
  • Client Driven Prod  or
  • Reality TV Production
  • Interest in Directing
    Film Directing, Theater Directing, Acting for Film, The American Film Director, Popular Culture and the Media
  • Interest in Camera work
    Cinematography:Lighting,  Cinematography: Camerawork,  Photography,  Stage Lighting
  • Interest in Editing
    Post Production II,  Music for Film,  After Effects, Visual communications                              
  • Interest in Screenwriting
    Screenwriting II,  Playwriting & Dramatic Structure,  Creative Writing, Development of Theater II


Senior Year

  • Senior Thesis I
  • Senior Thesis II
  • Client Driven Prod II
  • Internship 


Suggested Electives for Students Interested in:

  • Directing - Drama, Literature, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Communications
  • Screenwriting – Creative Writing, Drama, Psychology, Philosophy, Literature,
  • Camera work – Photography, Color theory, Stage lighting, Art
  • Editing – Psychology, Communications, Drama,
  • Documentary – News Writing, Sociology, History, Communications


Film Studies Electives:

  • American Film
  • Surrealist & Experimental films
  • Films of Stephen Spielberg
  • Shakespeare in Film
  • Film and Culture
  • Philosophy of Film
  • Mass Communnications
  • American Film Comedy
  • Horror/Sci-Fi Cinema
  • Films of Alfred Hitchcock
  • Film as Art
  • History of TV
  • Film Noir
  • Growing Up on Film
  • The American Directors
  • Films of Woody Allen
  • American Film, American Scandal





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