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Documentary producer Daniel Wolff and feature film director Jonathon Demme

jon demme


Students Learn from Professionals in the Field

Through our faculty's professional Industry contacts, FDU Film students have learned a great deal about the real world of film and video. From special presentations and visiting classes to holding seminars, these working experts in their field have added to our student's education and understanding of the industry. Recent guest speakers have included:

Neil Burger - Feature Film Director/Writer (Divergent, The Illusionists) imdb

Jonathan Demme - Feature film director (Silence of the Lambs, Ricki and the Flash)  imdb

Daniel Wolff - documenary producer imdb

Maggie Renzi - Producer ( of John Sayles features) imdb

Nora Chavooshian - Feature film production designer imdb

Neil Burger
Neil Burger

Tim Squyres - Feature film editor imdb

Robert Andres - feature film & TV series Key Grip imdb

Tony Pettine - feature film and TV script supervisor imdb

Debra J. Olchick  - Line producer, Production manager imdb

Sarit Catz - Sit-com Screenwriter imdb

Peter Stein, ASC - feature film Cinematographer imdb

Andy Breckman - Screenwriter on the TV series "Monk" and such feature films as "Rat Race" and "IQ" imdb

John McCormick - Sound Mixer on the TV series "Rescue Me" imdb

Bruce Figeri - President LifeSize Entertainment, independent film/video distributor and producer on the feature film "Fear House". imdb

Doug LeClaire - freelance TV commercial producer and producer on the feature film "Greetings from the Shore" imdb

Ben Wolf -  Cinematographer imdb

Alik Sakhorov, ASC - Cinematographer on the HBO seris "The Sopranos" and others. imdb

Emily Gumpel, Editor imdb

John Allen - Editor “The Golden Bowl”, “Le Divorce” (Merchant/Ivory, producers) imdb

Joan Stein - Director; Writer/Director, "One Day Crossing”, Academy Award Nominee, Best Live Action Short Film, 2001. imdb

Nancy Kamowitz - Script Superisor imdb

Andrew K. Stauffer - Producer imdb

Michael Domeaniecki - Make Up

Judith Seaman - Documentary Producer/Editor

John Ombaldo - Sound Recordist

Kevin Allen - Production Designer

Kim Chorba - Acting Instructor




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