Film Directing Concentration - Requirements

Major Requirements (27 credits)

FILM 1005: Filmmaking I: Basic Production
FILM 1501: Cinematic Storytelling
FILM 2208: Filmmaking II: The Professional Crew
FILM 2210: Post Production I
FILM 2250: Screenwriting
FILM 3209: Filmmaking III: Mastering the Art and Craft of Film Production
FILM 3350: Twentieth Century Cinema
FILM 4311: Producing & Directing the Thesis Film I
FILM 4312: Producing & Directing the Thesis Film II

Concentration Requirements (9 credits)

FILM 2350: The American Film Director
FILM 3363: Film Directing
THEA 1110: Basic Acting for non-majors
[Any FILM survey or auteur course substitutes for this course]

Major Electives (6-9 credits)
Note: Three (3) credits in Internship may be used to fulfill elective credits

FILM ____  _______________
FILM ____  _______________
FILM ____  _______________

Cognate Requirements (10-16 credits)

THEA 2005 Directing (Theater)
THEA 3351 Production & Performance (Film Sections: 1 credit)

6-12 Credits from the following:

COMM2210 Popular Culture & Media
CGD1313 Creative Imagery with Photoshop
MUSI2205 Music for the Movies
PHIL1106 Ideas of Happiness
PHIL1107 Dreams and Imagination
PHIL1436 Asian Philosophy
PHIL2102 Space and Time
PSYC3015 Theories of Personality
PSYC3331 Theories of Learning
PSYC3333 Sensation and Perception
PSYC4291 Schools of Psychology


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