Film Directing Concentration

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"The FDU film program takes a highly collaborative, and hands-on approach to filmmaking. This, to me, has always been extremely applicable as a film director since collaboration with others is equally as vital to storytelling as having a clear vision of how you want to tell your story."
Jim Cocoliato
Director/Co-Writer, “Out of Focus”

Students in the Film Directing Concentration focus on all the various aspects that a director must consider and incorporate into their storytelling process. Besides learning how to break down and visually approach a film project, directing students study how to work with and direct actors, the pre-production process, the importance of telling a story visually, and recognizing how their work may fit into the larger picture of culture and society.

Directing Students work their entire senior year on developing, workshopping and making their senior thesis films, which receive an exciting and widely attended public screening at a local movie theater!

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Senior Film Director Work


"Starting from developing the script, the professor was really supportive about the idea, a film abouGoose Family - Thesis Filmt a Korean family. There were difficult times when I almost wanted to quit making the film, but FDU Film faculty guided and helped me to make better decisions. During post-production, the professor was always willing to watch my rough cuts and gave me editing ideas and feedback about the film so that it could become better." 
Seung Yeob Lee,
Director “Goose Family”
(featured in more than 20 film festivals)

Some Film Directing Graduates

Miguel Soliman: Bypass

Alexandra Murphy: Reynaldo the Magician

Max Werkmeister: New Jersey Devil

Kevin Lonano

Matt Grenzeback: Michael's Closet

Ryan Kelly

Chris Pate

Brian Lonano



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Department Chair
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