FDUFilm - Alumni

grip on set

"Though hard work is certainly half the battle, I would not be in the position I am today without the hands on training and dedicated professors at FDUfilm!" – Conor Stalvy 12‘ feature film grip


What some recent FDUfilm Grads are doing.

Carrie Whalley ‘18

Junior editor, REP Interactive

Gabe Waldman ‘17

Lighting electric on "We are Unsatisfied" the new Billy Crystal movie, and feature film "Sarah Q", grip for Novartis Video, etc

Charlie Hudson ‘17

Sound assistant on Buddies Big Bakedown, Production assistant Novartis Video, NexTv and others

Salma Hbaich ‘17

Production assistant on Amazon series "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel", Buddies Big Bakedown, Project Runway 16, Project Runway Allstars 7, etc.

Ben Carolan ‘17

Camera dept production assistant on Chopped, Ink masters, Buddies Big Bakedown, Novartis Video, grip for NexTV and cameraman for Inzitar Video

Christine Peskosky - '16

Junior camera operator/ 1st AC Camera assistant on Buddies Big Bakedown, Camera assistant on Cake Boss, Cons VS Cooks, Production Assistant on Project Runway Allstars 6

Shayne Kamat - '16

Assistant editor at Viacom, MTV

Jordon Durham - '16

Production coordinator, BTV, in LA, CA

Marc Deblasi - '16

Second soundman on Buddies Big Bakedown, sound assistant on TV show Cooks Vs Cons, Cake Boss

Mariam Bakashvili -'16

Line producer for NexTV, grip for verizon video, production assistant at Butterftree Studios, Project Runway Allstars and various companies, camerawoman Inzitari productions

Jessica Keller - '16

Video Editor , Media Dept, Headliners Dance Championship prods

Vince Larson - '16

Assistant production coordinator new reality TV show not yet titled, Production assistant on TV shows Cake Boss, Project Runway Allstars 6, etc.

Dan Quiyu - '15

Producer/cameraman for Princton U Video dept, freelance cameraman on documentaries and corporate videos

Maggie Kaszuba - '15

Talent liason on Tv show “Younger” woring with star Hilary Duff, 2nd Assistant Director on a new "untitled' feature film, 2nd Assisatnt director for Honor Society Productions (Tv commercials), Production assistant on the new Woody Allen film, with TriStar Media, Alluring Lights, Script to Screen, etc.

Roxy Barrett - '15

Camera Tech at Arri Camera rentals working with the Alex 65, camera dept PA on "Orange is the New Black" and "Law & Order", previously camera tech at Panavision Camera, NYC


Alexandra Murphy - '15

Works at Time/Warner internal video

Alexandra Price - '15

Working for Marty Katz Productions in Malibu California as a personal assistant to the producer Marty Katz

Jalen Thompson - '15

Freelance sound recordist, numerous companies

Joe Forte - '15

Staff Video/Event Poduction team for the 2015 Disney World Christmas Day Parade, Disney World, FL.

Kaitlyn Pickerelli - 14

Assistant Producer, MG Video, NYC

Josh Rubenstein - 14

Editor Spice channel, assistant editor Radical media, Assistant Editor Outpost Video

Michael Posner - 14

Editor, Verizon video

Gwen Rillo - 14

Assistant Editor, Crew Cuts, NYC

Kalen Erickson - 14

Post production assistant at Fox News

Ross Citrin - 13

Camera Assistant, The Mysteries of Laura TV show

Megan Osborne - 13

Lead Editor at Bank of America Video

Eric Richards - 13

Editor with ABC Creative Services

Dan Inzitari - 13

Owner INZI Films, shooting weddings, events and industrial videos

Ivar Murd - 13

Worked in advertising production in NYC until winter 2015 before moving back to Estonia where he completed his first feature length documentary. Currently works freelance there with plans on moving back to NYC once his films is finished post.

David Padilla - 13

Videographer for Bruce Parker Kent, camera operator various reality shows

Liz Thompson - '12

Video producer, Manhattan Associates, Atlanta, Ga

Connor Stalvy - 12

Busy freelance key grip on various films including feature film "Why Now?" starring Marissa Tormei and Sam Rockwell. Gaffer on feature films "Like the Water", "Dark Tarot". Working as freelance grip and gaffer.

Arthur Wilton - 12

Editor, Custom Video productions

Kevin Lonano - 12

Working at Postworks. His senior thesis film "Blue Sheep Suit" has been in numerous film festivals.

Bobby Brown - 12

Production manager, FBU Video

Michael Manna - 12

FBU Video

Alejandro Perez - 12

Videographer/editor at Mondo Italiano TV

Noah Brownstein - 12

Freelance editor, editor of webisobes for "Closer to Truth" Getzels Gordon productions

Chris Dimoulas - 11

Script supervisor on indie feature "Brilliant Mistakes", director's assistant on indie feature "Hello I Must Be Going". http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3746203/

Eric Schoeter - 11

Freelance Gaffer/Grip/AC. Perviously at Panavision NY in the digital camera department, gaffer on indie feature film "Stray".

A.J. Chakravarti - 11

Freelance Gaffer/grip and AC for Alluring Light and Tri-Star Media. Camera operator on indie features "Dark Tarot" and "Stray".

Rob Lieberman - 11

Camera Tech at Handheld FIlms

Peter Calciano - 10

Manager of Studio operations, TriStar Media

Paul Bookstaber - 10

Currently at the NBA (National Basketball League) as a production assistant, editing nightly content during the NBA Season such as Top 10s, highlight-reels, athlete short-form segments, and other content for social media such as youtube, instagram, twitter, and vine. Thanks! Also worked at Universal Nutrition as a videographer/editor, traveled the country and did documentary for professional bodybuilders and powerlifters across the country that competed the Arnold Classic and Mr Olympia.

Jim Cocoliato - 10

Writer/Director of the web series "Stunods", previously freelance production assistant at such companies as Dragonfly Productions, Script to Screen, Clarke Com and TriStar Media http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3651422/

Jason Chau - 10

Freelance AC and cameraman. AC on feature film "Lament for the Artist". A.C. and camera operator for Chapter Media. Cinematographer on "Stunods", assistant camera on the feature ", gaffer on "Drinking Games" and "Turtle Hill, Brooklyn" grip on features "She Wolf Rising" and "The One" . http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2656330/Cameraman Reel

Brian Beavers - 10

Studio manager/grip at Lighthouse Studios, key grip on "Stunods" webseries. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3730883/

Ari Davidson - 10

Camera operator on indie feature "Stray". Freelance camera assistant on features,"Prairie Love" and new "Untitled" Tribe prods feature; freelance camera op, gaffer at TriStar Media, Alluring Light Prods and various industrial videos, 3rd electric on commercials for clients such as Samsung, Google, and CBS. Best Boy electric on music videos for P.Diddy and Drake, and a couple of Sundance shorts. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3300200/Cameraman Reel

Adam Maffei - 10

Video production at Pacific Sunwear

Matt Cenicola - 10

Freelance grip/electric at TriStar and as a set builder various video companies.

Anthony Maddalioni - 10

Freelance camera assistant. Production assistant on indie feature film "Drinking Games", Believe Limited Prods.

Joshua Bacon - 10

Freelance camera operator, assistant, DIT

Jason Koontz - 09

Freelance cinematographer shooting documentaries, music videos, sales films and commercials. http://jasonkoontz.com/21793/gallery

Edward Salerno “ '09

Freelance Cinematographer. Perviously camera assistant/ operator  and  grip/electric at such places as Alluring Lights Prods, TriStar Media, the Montell Williams Show, various commericals and music videos. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3281975/  Cameraman Reel

Jason Roberts -'09

Editor at Skyline Post, GA, Previously editor at Merrill Lynch Video network, editor at TriStar Media, the Montell Williams show, Ellipsis Films. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3284499/

Sean Nejman - '09

Production coordinator at Verizon Video Network. Previously freelance electric/grip at TriStar Media, Lighthouse Studios, Prudential Video, corp videos and on music videos.

Dan Sleboda -'09

Assistan Director on the features "The Girl from the Naked Eye" and "Emerging Past", Cameraman & editor on indie feature film "Clownaphobia", Sadie Hawkins prods. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3311499/

Chris Schuster - '08

Production manager at Verizon Video network. Previously production manager TriStar Media, Script to Screen, Caudill &Associates, Bandera Brothers Entertainment, "Montel Williams Show", and producer at Ellipsis Film, Assistant Director on feature "Turtle Hill, Brooklyn".  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3281896/

Andrew Rivara - '08
Gaffer, owner of Tank lights Truck, Cinematographer on feature film "The Longest Swim",  Freelance gaffer with a full equipment truck. Cinematographer on features "Drinking Games" and "Turtle Hill, Brooklyn", gaffer on feature films "Hallow Pointe", "Prairie Love", "Emerging Past", Webseries "Wiener & Wiener" http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2565448/

Audrey Holland - '08
Freelance Assistant Production Coordinator and doing Lighting and Rigging for animation at Dreamworks, LA . Production Assistant on "Kung Fu Panda", "Coraline", "How to Train Your Dragon", etc. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2543343/

Ari Brown - '07
Staff editor at the Refinery Creative trailer house in LA. Perviously freelance editor at Atomic Image Creative Media Group, NYC

Ryan Kelly - '07
Creative Director at Verizon Video network. Perviously editor at Bank of America Video, Strand Creative Group, Telebrans and director at Ellipsis Films. Editor "Stray". Previously staff editor at TriStar Media.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3331278/

Christopher Falkowski - '07

Freelance steadi-cam operator at Major League Baseball Network, cameraman on feature "I Hate Tom Perry", assistant camera on feature "Turtle Hill, Brooklyn" http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2773747/ Cameraman Reel

Gregg Wager - '07
Video specialist at Thompson Reuters, preiously videographer at MultiVision Prods, NJ

Alex Agisilaou - 07

working with some Greek Channels in Queens as a director / editor. Also, working with a company called Onward and Sideways where we shot a TV show and a movie, and currently working on the development of another. Started a company within York Studios where we focus on developing short films and reels.

Luther Quakenbush -06

Project manager at Pixel Light Digital Media

Josh Rubin - '06
Production manager at Worlds of Wonder/Bravo, Producer on TV show "Big Green Lies" and "The Doc Club with Rosie O'Donnell", Assistant to the Producer - Juma Entertainment, LA

Jennifer Marshall - '06
President, Acute Productions LLC, previously assistant to the producer at Take2 Productions, Assistant to the Producer on the feature film "And then Came Love" starring Vanessa Williams - Fox Meadow Films

Marcus Thompson - '06
Video producer/ Avid Editor ay BASF. Perviously freelance on lighting crew on 5 low budget features, freelance editor and cameraman on commercials for CBS Outernet

Ian Hubbel - '06
Post Production Manager at Arizona Public Media-PBS/NPR. Previously Assistant Editor, Fox News - NYC

Michael Stypulkoski - '06
Producer at CBS sports

Eric Cook - '06
SportsNet, NJ

Travis Tomlinson - '06

Freelance gaffer, feature film "They're Out of Business", TVs "The American Experience"  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2075551/

Gary Powell - '06
Freelance Cameraman for such companies as Alluring Light Prods, Tri-Star Media and previously Grip and camera operator for KC White Productions, Clarke Com, ForceField Prods, etc. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1991547/  Cameraman Reel

Josh Becker - '06
head of the post dept at Cheri Sundae. (started as a post coordinator, moved to post supervisor, then to post producer/head of dept. at the same company for about 3 years) Shows worked on include Pranked, MTV, When Vacations Attack, Travel Channel, Bad Dog, Animal Planet, Untamed and Uncut, Animal Planet. Perviously, assistant production coordinator on "Clean House" on E Entertainment in LA

Chris Pate - '06
Working for E! entertainment on various reality shows mainly "Clean House" and "How Do I Look", LA

Brian Lonano - '05
Supervisor at Bling Digital processing dailies for Episodic TV shooting in Atlanta, GA. Peviously at Postworks in NYC working in their Digital Media Department. Previously Assistant Editor at Fox TV. Director at Robot Hands Prods, winner of a Telly award for an opening title sequence for a DC based Horror Host show called Spooky Movie Television. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2043183/

Bridget Yachetti - '05
Editor & Script Writer at Fabian-Baber Prods - Springfield, PA Educational DVDs and Videos

Andrew Marnik - '05
Editor on indie feature "Browncoats: Redemption". Previously Cameraman and Editor at G Media Commercial - Providence, RI Industrial Video Production Company

Jaideep Shukla - '05
Freelance Assistant Editor at various TV commercial editing houses such as Mackernzi Cutler and Jump - NYC

Adam Chinoy - '04
Freelance gaffer working on numerous music videos. Gaffer on "Naughty But Nice with Rob Schuter.", http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2128038/

Christopher Konash - '04
Panavision NY in the Genisis Digital Camera Dept,  - NYC. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2348681/

Brian Gonsar - '04
Producer/director on Commercials at BBDO - NYC, previously with J Walter Thomason. Among other projects he worked on the "Guru" Kleenex commerical which was named one of the Best Spots of 2005 by Adweek http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2339929/

Paul Driscoll - '04
MSNBC - NYC, assistant camera on indie feature "Favorite Son", Production assistant on feature film "I am Legend".

Robert Huntley - '04
Producer/Editor a Fox News

Some Earlier Alumni

Amanda Libman Guagenti - Producer for A&E Networks - NYC

Tony Pettine - Feature film and TV series script supervisor, works on "Persons of Interest",  worked on "Black Swan" http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0678686/

Ethan Noble - Assistant producer at Miramax, then at Weinstein Films, now teaching film/video production



Spring 2018

A new TV show shooting in NJ -- produced by the same company that produces Cake Boss -- has five recent FDUFilm alumni on its crew. Christine Peskosky ('16) is a junior camera operator and assistant camera, while Salma Hbaich and Ben Carolan (both '17) are camera dept production assistants. Marc Deblasio ('16) is a second audio soundman and Charlie Hudson ('17) is a sound assistant. The series is so new it doesn't even have a firm title yet, but will probably start airing later this year. Both Christine and Marc have worked on Cake Boss and Cook's VS Cons, produced by the same production company, since shortly after they graduated FDU, working their way up the crew position ladder. In photo above see Christine (left) operating camera beside lead camera woman Selene Richholt.

Also Mariam Blakasvili ('16) has become a line producer at NexTV, Dan Quiyu ('15) has become lead producer at Princeton U internal video, Gabe Waldmen ('17) was just the best boy electric on an independent feature film and Maggie Kaszuba ('15) is working with the Talent team on the major TV series "Younger" working with star Hilary Duff.

Fall 2016

Jordon Durham was promoted to Production coordinator at BTV, in LA, CA, which is the video producton dept of In & Out Burger and has been flying around the country and Hawaii producing videos.

FDU Film alumni Connor Stalvy, as the key grip, and Andrew Rivera, as gaffer, as well as FDU senior student Talia Hedenmouth, as the relief light board operator, worked four days - 24 hour coverage of the US election for England's British Sky News from the third floor restaurant space of the Times Square Renaissance hotel with walls of windows looking out over Times Square, which was light designed by Prof David Landau into a TV news studio. FDU film alumni Eric Schroeder joined them to work on both the install and the wrap.

Fall 2015


Prof David Landau stopped in on a shoot at Tristar Studios and was surrounded by FDUfilm alumni on the crew. From L to R: Maggie Kaszuba, Gary Powel, Prof DL, Aj Chakravarti, Jim Cocoliato, Peter Calciano, Jen Marshal and Andrew Rivara

Josh Rubenstein's '14 senior thesis film "Rowen" has just been accepted into The New Jersey Film Festival, The Boonies Film Festival and The Northeast Film Fest!

Ryan Kelly '07 - directed a Verizon TV commercial starring Bill Nye the Science Guy and Sean Nejman '08 was the production manager.

Peter Calciano ' 10 - was promoted to Studio Operations Manager at Tristar Media

Connor Stavly '12 - just finshed work as Key Grip on a major feature film in NYC

Megan Osborne '13 -  promoted to Lead Editor at Bank of America Video

Jason Roberts '09 - beame Head Editor at Skyline Post in Greensville, SC

Brian Lonano '05 - Promoted to Supervisor at Bling Digital processing dailies for Episodic TV shooting in Atlanta, GA. I also worked in Cape Town, South Africa setting up the dailies pod and training local techs for a TV show filming there. My recent short film CROW HAND was an official selection at SXSW and screened across the world. I'm presently in post production on my 10th short film. I've been successful in working in the industry while continuing to have a creative presence on the film festival circuit.
Ivar Murd '13   - just finished shooting on his first feature length documentary in Estonia, his native country.


Ian Hubble '06 promoted to Post-Production Manager at Arizona Public Media-PBS/NPR.

Ari Davidson '10 and Connor Stalvy'11 just finished work as Gaffer and Key Grip on feature film "Why Now?" starring Marisa Tormei and Sam Rockwell

Chris Schuster '09 and Sean Nejman'08 join alumni Ryan Kelly'07 (now a creative director) at Verizon Video network

Megan Osborne '13 working as assistant editor at Bank of America Video with alumni editor Jason Roberts

Webseries "Stunods", by Jim Cocoliato, Jason Chau, Brian Beavers and Peter Caliano all '10, wins awards at 2013 LA WebFest - Outstanding Achievement for a Dramedy

Ari Davidson '10, Cinematography minor, just accepted into the presitous American Film Institute's Cinematography program

Edward Salerno Jr '09, cinematography minor, just graduated from the Americasn Film Institute's Cinematography program