Editing Concentration, BA in Film and Animation

post production

"At FDUfilm the Editing Concentration fully prepares you for a career in post-production. When I declared editing as my concentration, it enabled me to be the editor on many more projects, giving me the needed experience that still helps me in my career today." — Michael Posner '14, Editor at Verizon Communications

The Editing Concentration is a rigorous course of study for students who have a special interest in the art and science of editing the moving image. Whether working in Avid, Premier, Final Cut or any other non-linear editing system, the concepts, concerns, and artistic approaches to achieving the final edit remains the same. The Core Major Requirements are the same as the standard Film Major, thus students may elect this concentration as late as their junior year. The Editing Concentration requirements, which are a mix of cross-discipline courses, educate students in the craft and practice of post-production, enabling them to work as editors on senior student film projects to build a reel and help start them on a future career working professionally in the post-production industry.

Editing Concentration Requirements

Core Major Requirements (27 credits)

Editing Concentration Requirements (9)

Additional Film Electives (9 credits)

Cognate Requirements (10 - 13 credits)

Suggested Cultural Cognate

Film Editing Graduates

  • Michael Posner, Editor at Verizon Video
  • Eric Richards, Editor at ABC Creative Serices
  • Megan Osborne, Editor Bank of America Video
  • Gwen Rillo, assistant editor, Crew Cuts, NYC
  • Josh Rubenstein, assistant editor, Outpost Video
  • Kalen Erickson, post production assistant at Fox
  • Arthur Wilton, Editor, Custom Video
  • Jason Roberts, Head Editor, Skyline Post
  • Noah Brownstein, editor at Getzels Gordon Productions, also freelance
  • Etan Lubin, freelance post production

Course Descriptions

Alphanumeric listing of film editing concentration courses.