Cinematography Concentration, BA Film & Animation

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"The FDU Cinematography program allowed me to understand my visions and dreams, and give me a hands on experience with the tools and guidance I needed to succeed. Today I work with some of the top film professionals in the world - people I grew up dreaming about. I'm excited to change the world through the art I love." — Ross Citrin, camera assistant, "The Mysteries of Laura" TV series

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The Cinematography Contentration at FDU is unique and one of the only ones offered in undergraduate programs. Our alumni work in the industry and have made our program highly regarded and recognized in the profession.

The Cinematography Concentration is a rigorous course of study for students who have a special interest in the art and science of photographing the moving image. Whether the capture medium is film, video or a new digital process, the concepts, concerns, and artistic approaches to achieving the right visual imagery is the same. The Core Major Requirements are the same as the standard Film Major, thus students may elect this concentration as late as their junior year. The Cinematography Concentration requirements, which are a mix of cross discipline courses, educate students in the craft and practice of cinematography, enabling them to work as the Director of Photography on senior thesis film projects to build a camera reel and help start them on a future career working professionally in the camera and lighting industry.

Student Class Work

Cinematography Concentration Requirements

Film Major Requirements (27 credits)

Cinematography Concentration Requirements (9 credits )

Additional Film Electives (9 Credits)

Cinematography Concentration Cognates (13 -16)

Some Recently Graduated Cinematography Alumni

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