Animation and Video Game Facilities

Florham Campus, Madison, NJ
School of the Arts

Because animation and gaming are grounded in today's technological age, our animation degrees focus on blending graphics in motion aesthetics with evolutionary technology. Our pillar of success is the ability of our program, faculty, and facilities to continually adapt with ever-changing technologies. Each year the faculty review and revise the curriculum to ensure that our course offerings continuously evolve to parallel the animation and video game industries. This results in offering a contemporary sequence of courses that emphasizes the conceptual, artistic, and technical knowledge that is expected in today's industry. All of our courses implement practical computer-based projects that involve problem-solving, imaginative use of imagery, correct handling of software techniques, use of advanced technology, collaborative projects, as well as in-class critiques.

Students at workstations in the Animation Lab.

Our fully equipped Animation Lab provides the physical space and the equipment necessary to produce the work required in all of the courses in the program. There is plenty of space for the students to spread out and work. At the same time the layout of the lab also promotes collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. As part of our lab structure, drawing tablets are provided in our classes and our students are continuously churning out 3D prints of their models. To keep our students current with industry practices, the department stays true to its policy of upgrading all of the software every year and the workstations are replaced on a three year cycle. The new MFA degree requires students to take courses in motion capture and virtual reality and the equipment for these courses will be available on site in our Animation Lab.

Student removing small object from the 3D printer.

Beyond the Animation Lab, FDU provides external workstations loaded with the software that we use in our classes. Animation students also have 24-hour admittance to our animation lab, allowing them access to the computers, software and equipment that they need to use when classes are not in session.

Keeping all this in mind, FDU is well equipped on a geographical, technical, and professional level to remain cutting-edge in our curricular efforts. Our intimate course sizes are extremely important in maintaining the individualized attention that the faculty gives the students. As part of the new FDU School of the Arts, our students have the opportunity to draw resources from other disciplines and programs in the arts and in business. From a geographic standpoint, we are located just a stone's throw away from New York City, a prime hub for multimedia production companies. The midtown direct train is walking distance from the university, which provides us easy access to attend events, user group meetings, and internships.