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Through its curriculum, Becton College aims to develop in students the skills, intellectual orientation and knowledge to achieve their educational, professional and personal goals.

The flexibility of the Becton College General Education curriculum allows each student to develop an individualized program that combines major and minor fields with clusters of related electives. The curriculum provides for appropriate skill development in writing, oral presentation, languages and mathematics based on placement testing and educational goals.

The curricular distribution requirement assures an understanding of the methods used by disciplines in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences and laboratory sciences. Students may select courses suited to their level of preparation and, when applicable, apply them to majors, major co-requisites, minors or elective clusters. Because the opportunities are so varied, students should work closely with their advisers as they plan their choices.

Total University Core / Becton College general education requirements range between 35 and 50 credits, depending upon the student's program and assuming no waivers. The minimum number assumes that students will select courses that fulfill dual requirements. The maximum assumes that the student will not select any courses that satisfy more than one requirement.

The curriculum culminates in the student's academic major, which is designed to give deeper and more specialized knowledge and abilities in a specific discipline. The major calls for advanced application of the fundamental skills, intellectual orientation and multidisciplinary perspectives acquired in the Becton College core.

Mission of the College

The mission of the Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences (Becton College) is to develop the intellectual, creative and career potential of our diverse student body by offering a demanding curriculum in a caring and supportive environment. Becton College is committed to being a superior teaching institution.

Geoffrey Weinman

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