Retention Alert

Many of you already share concerns about your students with various offices on campuses through phone calls and emails. Retention Alert is simply another tool to use, particularly when you are unsure about the best person to contact regarding a situation. Once you create the case, the system sends it to the appropriate person who can also reassign it to other offices for specific interventions. Case managers have been established on both campuses, and cases are campus specific. Case managers include colleagues in the Dean of Students office, EFE, EOF, FIS, Regional Center, and Athletics. Case managers have also been established for students who may not be in one of the above special populations.

Retention Alert should not be used for emergency situations, such as when a student has expressed a desire to hurt themselves or others—you should continue to contact the Dean of Students office in these situations, and if it is after hours or on the weekends, the Office of Public  Safety should be contacted.

Please also note that Retention Alert does not replace any assessment systems currently in place, such as the Midterm Progress Reports or the EOF Assessment Forms.  Retention Alert gives you an opportunity to raise awareness of student concerns at any point in the semester, while the other assessment tools offer a snapshot of student performance at succinct points.

Reduction of student attrition has been a major focus in recent years at both the Metropolitan Campus and Florham Campus. We are pleased to announce that a Datatel based Retention program has now been implemented to help in this effort. Retention Alert is a module within WebAdvisor that allows faculty to share information with pertinent offices on campus. Your participation in using this new tool is purely voluntary, but we do hope you consider its benefits. Retention Alert is effective because when a faculty member creates a case, the information is sent to the appropriate gatekeeper who will follow up with the student as needed. For instance, if the student that you create a case for is an athlete, that case will be sent to a staff member of athletics.

See the video tutorial on this page for information on how to use Retention Alert.

We encourage you to explore this system and learn more about how it can benefit our students. If you have any additional questions regarding Retention Alert, please contact Craig Mourton (Metropolitan Campus) or Christine Gaydos   (Florham Campus).