Final Exam Schedule, Fall Semester 2019

  • All examinations are scheduled for two-hour time slots.
  • All examinations must be given during the week of the published Final Examination Schedule.
  • If your class does not meet during one of the specified time periods, your instructor will notify you of when the examination will be scheduled.
  • All remedial English, ENGW1100, and Mathematics sections will meet for common examinations. Check with your instructor for the day, time and location.
  • Certain University Core sections will have a common examination. Check with your instructor for the day, time and location.
  • Exams for all evening classes are scheduled during the regular class time.

Instructions for the schedule table

Find the day(s) and time your class is scheduled in the Class Days and Class Time columns. The day and time of the exam is in the last column of that row.

Class Day(s)Class TimeNoteExam Day and Time
M8:30 to 11:00Monday 10:00 AM
M11:30 to 12:20late changeMonday 3:00 PM
M11:30 to 2:00Monday 12:30 PM
M12:30 to 1:20Monday 12:30 PM
M1:30 to 2:20Monday 12:30 PM
M2:30 to 3:20Monday 12:30 PM
M2:30 to 4:10Monday 12:30 PM
M2:30 to 5:00Monday 3:00 PM
M3:30 to 4:20late changeMonday 3:00 PM
M4:30 to 5:20late changeMonday 3:00 PM
MTTH8:30 to 10:10Tuesday 10 AM
MTTH8:30 to 9:20Monday 10:00 AM
MTTH9:30 to 10:20Tuesday 10 AM
MTTH10:30 to 11:20late changeThursday 10 AM
MTTH10:30 to 12:10Thursday 10:00 AM
MTTH12:30 to 2:10Tuesday 12:30 PM
MTH8:30 to 9:45Monday 10:00 AM
MTH10:00 to 11:15Thursday 10 AM
MTH10:00 to 12:05Thursday 10:00 AM
MTH10:30 to 12:10Thursday 10:00 AM
MTH11:30 to 12:45late changeThursday 12:30 PM
MTH12:30 to 2:10Monday 12:30 PM
MTH12:30 to 2:35Monday 12:30 PM
MTH1:00 to 2:15Monday 12:30 PM
MTH2:30 to 3:45Thursday 3:00 PM
MTH2:30 to 4:10Monday 12:30 PM
MTH3:00 to 5:05Monday 3:00 PM
MTH4:00 to 5:15late changeMonday 3:00 PM
T8:30 to 10:10Tuesday 10 AM
T8:30 to 11:00Tuesday 10 AM
T10:00 to 1:20Tuesday 10 AM
T10:30 to 12:10Friday 10 AM
T11:30 to 12:20Tuesday 10 AM
T11:30 to 2:00Tuesday 12:30 PM
T12:30 to 1:20Tuesday 10 AM
T12:30 to 2:10Tuesday 12:30 PM
T1:30 to 2:20Tuesday 12:30 PM
T2:00 to 5:20Tuesday 3:00 PM
T2:30 to 3:20Tuesday 12:30 PM
T2:30 to 4:10Tuesday 3:00 PM
T2:30 to 5:00Tuesday 3:00 PM
T3:30 to 4:20Tuesday 3:00 PM
T4:30 to 5:20Tuesday 3:00 PM
TF8:30 to 10:10Tuesday 10 AM
TF8:30 to 10:35Tuesday 10 AM
TF8:30 to 9:45Tuesday 10 AM
TF10:00 to 11:15Friday 10 AM
TF10:30 to 12:10Friday 10 AM
TF10:30 to 12:10Friday 10 AM
TF11:00 to 1:05Friday 12:30 PM
TF11:30 to 12:45Friday 12:30 PM
TF (Florham)12:30 to 2:10Tuesday 12:30 PM
TF1:00 to 2:15Florham onlyTuesday 12:30 PM
TF2:30 to 3:45Florham onlyFriday 3:00 PM
TF (Florham)2:30 to 4:10Tuesday 3:00 PM
TF4:00 to 5:15Florham onlyTuesday 3:00 PM
W8:30 to 10:10Wednesday 10:00 AM
W8:30 to 11:00No breakWednesday 10:00 AM
W8:30 to 9:20Wednesday 10:00 AM
W9:30 to 10:20Wednesday 10:00 AM
W10:00 to 1:20Wednesday 12:30 PM
W10:30 to 11:20Wednesday 12:30 PM
W11:15 to 1:45No breakWednesday 12:30 PM
W11:30 to 12:20Wednesday 12:30 PM
W12:30 to 1:20Wednesday 12:30 PM
TH8:30 to 11:00late changeThursday 8:30 AM
TH10:00 to 1:20 Thursday 3:00 PM
TH11:30 to 2:00Thursday 3:00 PM
TH2:00 to 5:20Thursday 3:00 PM
TH2:30 to 5:00Thursday 3:00 PM
F8:30 to 10:10Friday 12:30 PM
F8:30 to 11:00Friday 12:30 PM
F8:30 to 9:20Friday 12:30 PM
F9:30 to 10:20Friday 12:30 PM
F10:00 to 1:20Friday 12:30 PM
F10:30 to 11:20Friday 12:30 PM
F10:30 to 12:10Friday 10 AM
F11:15 to 1:45No breakFriday 10 AM
F11:30 to 12:20Friday 12:30 PM
F12:30 to 1:20Friday 12:30 PM
F (Florham)1:30 to 2:20Friday 3:00 PM
F (Florham)2:00 to 5:20Friday 3:00 PM
F (Florham)2:30 to 3:20Friday 3:00 PM
F (Florham)2:30 to 5:00Friday 3:00 PM
F (Florham)3:30 to 4:20Friday 3:00 PM
F (Florham)4:30 to 5:20 Friday 3:00 PM

Fall Semester 2019

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December 13 (Friday)

December 14 (Saturday)

December 16 (Monday)

December 17 (Tuesday)

December 18 (Wednesday)