FDU Around the World

Fairleigh Dickinson University is the largest private university in New Jersey, but FDU is much more than that. FDU is a community of individuals who are connected by the common threads of academic excellence and global awareness. No matter what your FDU experience—traditional or non-traditional, city-based or ivy-covered, career-oriented or liberal in scope—you are part of a community of scholars who use their individual approaches to learning and living to make the world a better place.

The University is dedicated to educating students to become citizens of the world. This is true for our American students as well as students from around the globe. No matter what country students come from, study abroad experiences will change their lives. Obviously, the experience may enrich learning in areas of study as diverse as renaissance art, rain forest ecology, marketing, or computer science, but equally important is the change that the experience will have on a student's perspective, which will be dramatically expanded. It gives a student the opportunity to see the world from a totally different viewpoint -- from outside their homeland.

A Global Perspective

The 21st century, although only a few years old, has already demonstrated that it will be one of rapid change in all areas of human activity. One common feature of all these changes is that their impacts know no national boundaries. To be prepared to understand and participate in these changes, it is important for citizens of this century to have an appreciation that all people do not see things the same way. Studying in a foreign land is perhaps the best way to accomplish this. In a student’s home country, he or she can learn about another culture, but there is no substitute for actually experiencing it.

As part of its commitment to educating students "of and for the world", the university is establishing partnerships with other academic institutions around the globe to bring their students to FDU and simultaneously provide places for FDU students to go. In these partnerships, both parties agree to encourage activities to promote international academic co-operation:

  • Exchange of materials in education and research, e.g. publications.
  • Exchange of faculty, research scholars, and students
  • Establishment of programs for each other’s students
  • Joint research and meetings for education and research

Typical programs that have been developed include many undergraduate programs in which students can spend three years at their home institution and then come to FDU for one year to complete an undergraduate degree. These “3+1” programs permit students to earn an FDU degree by earning 25% of their required credits and 50% of their major credits at FDU. At the graduate level, cooperation in MBA programs has European and Indian faculty teaching at FDU and our faculty teaching in places such as India and Monaco. Students, also, move among these sites to complete their studies. The Global Partnerships web site provides a listing of our current partners and recent developments in each partnership.

Studying Abroad

While on our American campuses, students are exposed to the world via course-work, global virtual faculty, extracurricular activities (including U.N. programs) and sharing the FDU experience with students from around the world. Nevertheless, these activities bring the world to us; it is equally important for us to go out to the world and experience it first-hand. There is a big difference between being told about the world and actually seeing and experiencing it.

FDU students have a diversity of program-types in which they can study abroad. Full-semester programs are available at our campus in Wroxton, England, our marine biology site in Samana, Dominican Republic, or programs run by universities around the world. Shorter experiences include FDU faculty-led travel components in full-semester courses, such as those in our International School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management or Silberman College of Business. Other short travel experiences include one to three-week courses specifically designed around travel. Language courses in Becton College, or marine biology field studies offered through University College, during spring or winter break or the summer are just a few examples of these.

The study abroad web site provides FDU students and faculty with information about locales for study abroad and logistics for making it possible to experience what might be the most significant part of an education at FDU.