Academic Tutorial Support (Vancouver Campus)

Peer tutoring

Peer tutors are available help you if you are having challenges in an academic program. Students who need academic support will meet with the program Director to identify the cause(s) of their academic difficulty and to implement strategies to improve their academic development and ensure success in their program of study.

All referred students are eligible for one hour per week of free tutorials in subjects for which they are deemed to be at academic risk.

In addition, students may self-elect to receive one hour per week of assistance to help them in a variety of areas:

  • To clarify the expectations of homework assignments and term papers
  • To improve comprehension of readings from textbooks and journals
  • To improve research strategies
  • To improve comprehension of lectures
  • To improve note taking skills
  • To prepare for exams


All the tutoring sessions take place on the Vancouver campus.

Students who participate in the program are more likely to raise their GPA's and be released from academic probation than a student who struggles on their own.

Student explaining