Pre-University Program

Tuition – students required to take EPS courses will be charged a flat rate of $2,100.00 broken down as follows:    
* EPS 0099 $  1,500.00  
* EPS 0199 $   600.00  
* EPS 1109 and other credit courses $   814.00 per credit  

All charges are shown in U.S. dollars. The estimated cost for books, supplies and equipment is $250 to $500, depending on number of courses taken. It is also possible to rent some textbooks. The estimated total does not take study grants or scholarships into account.


Academic scholarships are available for qualified students. All applicants may apply for a University scholarship. Scholarships are awarded at the time of admission and the amount is based on academic merit. University study grants are also available and based on demonstrated financial need.

Additional information about scholarships can be found at the Scholarships and Financial Aid page.

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