Commencement - New Jersey

The Commencement Ceremony will be held in New Jersey on Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Please note that this page is specifically directed to students at FDU-Vancouver. For information directed to students at the New Jersey campuses of FDU, please see the Commencement page.

IZOD Centre, Meadowlands Complex, East Rutherford, New Jersey: 

  • Arrival and Check in – 8:30 am
  • Procession – 9:30 am
  • Ceremony 10:00 am

(Note:  All participants must be at the arena by 8:30 am.  Please allow 45 minutes – 1 hour for parking due to construction in the area.  Any student who is late for the procession must wait until the procession has been completed to be seated.)

The ceremony is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. Candidates for graduation must arrive no later than 8:30 a.m. through the Arena Public Entry located between Gates A and D, and proceed on the escalators to the Arena floor level. You will be lined up according to your degree and by college. No family or guests are permitted in the graduate line-up area.

Please be advised that all participants in the May 20 Commencement at the IZOD Center in the Meadowlands must be at the arena by 8:30 a.m. Because of Arena parking reconfiguration (see Note below) and traffic lane construction, you should allow 45 minutes to 1 hour extra travel time. Families and friends of the graduates should also allow for the extra travel time.

Note: Parking will be in Deck 23 and Lots 26, 27 and 28 as shown in the Meadowlands Map. Parking at the Arena is permitted in any of the areas except as posted.  Disabled parking is also provided by permit only.

All graduates will have their names called. You will be given a name card to fill out in the line-up area. Each graduate will walk across the stage and be congratulated individually.

Driving directions

Click here for driving directions to the Meadowlands Sports Complex

Pre Commencement Dinner

There is a Pre-commencement dinner held at the FDU campus in New Jersey on the evening of May 19th. You and your guests are invited to attend the dinner.  There is no charge for the dinner, but you must confirm your attendance as seating is limited.

Graduation Honors and Awards

A student whose cumulative grade point ratio (CGPR) is 3.85 or higher will receive his or her degree summa cum laude; if the CGPR is 3.67, magna cum laude; if the CGPR is 3.33, cum laude. Only weighted grades will be included in computing honors. Only the credits taken at Fairleigh Dickinson University, a minimum of 54 credits, will be used in this evaluation.

Students who qualified to graduate with honors will receive a medal which they can wear at graduation.  Medals will be distributed in Vancouver on the day of the ceremony.  Students who also plan to attend the Commencement Ceremony in New Jersey should take their medal with them.  Students who do not attend the Vancouver Ceremony can pick up their medals at the ceremony in NJ when they pick up their gowns.

Students in the Business Program who have been admitted to Beta Gamma Sigma, may also wear their award cord.

Pinnacle Award

Each year faculty and staff nominate one student from the graduating class for the Pinacle Award.  The FDU-Vancouver student chosen to receive the Pinnacle Award will be acknowledged at the Commencement Ceremony in New Jersey.


Students are encouraged to invite family and friends to the ceremony.  Graduating students may bring as many guests as they would like.  However, as seating is limited, guests must have a ticket to attend.  Tickets for guests are available from the Student Services Office.

Immigration Matters

Students travelling from Vancouver should obtain a Letter of Invitation to attend the Commencement ceremony for themselves and their guests.  Students and their guests who need a visa to enter the United States will require this letter for their application for their visa.  It is recommended that you apply for your visa before February 15th, to provide sufficient time to process the application.

To request a Letter of invitation for you and your guests, please email Lynda Kuit or in person in Room112.

Travel Arrangements and Medical Insurance

All Vancouver students covered under BC medical insurance are reminded to purchase extended travel insurance while visiting the United States.  Many medical costs are not fully covered under your insurance when outside of Canada.  The insurance costs are very minimal.  Please contact Jobin in the Student Services office for more information on travel insurance.

At the Ceremony

Processional, Benediction and Recessional

Graduates and their guests remain standing after the processional for the singing of the National Anthem and the Invocation.  Men should remove their caps for the National Anthem, Invocation and Benediction.  During the Benediction, all graduates stand.  After the Benediction, all will remain standing while members of the platform party leave, followed by faculty and then graduates.

Students will be seated according to college affiliation and degree attained.  Guests who prefer to sit on the same side of the arena as their students may refer to the maps on display at the arena.

Note:  Once the ceremony begins and out of respect for all graduates and their guests, graduates are not permitted to leave the seating area until after the ceremony is completed.  All graduates are expected to participate in the processional, and recessional of the formal and dignified ceremony.


For family and friends who are not able to attend the Commencement event, the event will be webcast at

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If your guests are planning to stay overnight near campus, see Places to Stay pages for College at Florham and Metropolitan Campus. If your guests would prefer to stay closer to the Commencement event than to the FDU campus, the University has arrangements at the following hotel. Please contact the hotel directly and inform them that you are part of the FDU Commencement ceremony.

Sheraton Meadowlands
2 Meadowlands Plaza
East Rutherford, NJ 07073
Tel:  201 896 0500

Commencement Photography

Photography and video of the Commencement Ceremony in New Jersey is available.  For details on how you can get your photo, click here.

General Information and Questions

Vancouver students with questions concerning graduation, eligibility and the Commencement Ceremony in New Jersey should contact the Enrollment Services office in Vancouver at 604-648-4464.  Additional information regarding the ceremony in New Jersey is also available from the Dean of Students’ Office at the Teaneck campus by calling 201-692-2192.  You may also access the FDU Commencement Website