Pre-University Program

Program Highlights

  • Academic English language classes address the most common causes of difficulty for international students: reading and writing at a university level, and participating effectively in discussions.
  • The program also provides students with learning strategies to ensure success in university-level courses.
  • Small classes ensure personalized attention from instructors.
  • Advanced English for Professional Success courses cover background knowledge and technical terminology specific to the degree program students plan to study — Business Management or Information Technology.
  • The University’s Learning Resources and Support Center provides additional support in language and academic content tutoring.
  • While improving their academic English language skills, students can earn up to 11 credits toward their degree program.
  • Pre-university program students receive conditional admission to the Vancouver Campus. Admission is conditional upon successful completion of the Academic English courses.

The FDU-Vancouver “pre-university program” provides advanced English-language training for students who meet the University’s admission standards but require additional training in English (in speaking and/or writing) prior to matriculating in one of the three degree programs offered by the University in Vancouver — in business management, information technology or individualized studies. Students enrolled in this program, in addition to English-speaking and -writing courses, can take up to five university courses as part of their “pre-university program” (an intermediate algebra, pre-calculus or mathematical methods course, an advanced EPS course, a computer technology course, and Freshman Seminar).

Students admitted to the “pre-university program” are conditionally admitted to the University, but must successfully complete the Academic English courses before matriculating in one of the University’s three degree programs.

Students with a TOEFL score of 68 or higher on the Internet-based test or an IELTS score of 5.5 or higher may be considered for admission to the “pre-university program.” Moreover, upon arrival at the University’s campus in Vancouver, all students are tested in English and math in order to determine the level at which they must begin the program.  The English and math tests administered to students prior to entering the “pre-university program” will be equivalent to those administered to first-time, full-time freshmen entering the University’s New Jersey campuses. Students will be required to complete the “pre-university program” depending on the results of their placement tests.

PUP Level 2Hours Per WeekCredits
EPS 0099 Academic Writing Skills6.04.5 credits
EPS 0199 Workshop in Academic Communication Skills3.01.5 credits
EPS 1109 English for Professional Success3.03.0 credits

DSCI 1128 Business Math
or MATH 1107 Pre-Calculus
or MATH 1129 Introduction to Statistics

3.0 credits
4.0 credits
3.0 credits
INFO 1105 Software Applications in Business and Technology3.03.0 credits
FRSH 1000 Freshman Seminar1.01.0 credit

[Credits noted in bold represent university credits earned]

For Additional Information and To Apply

For information concerning tuition, fees and scholarships for the Pre-University Program, please see Tuition, Fees and Scholarships. Students admitted to the Pre-University Program may be eligible for international student scholarships. Eligibility for scholarships will be based on academic qualifications.

Please use the Contact Us form to contact the FDU International Admissions team concerning the program, its new location in Shanghai, and for instructions on how to apply.