Degree Requirements - Vancouver BAIS in HRTM

Individualized Studies BA (BAIS) Specialization in Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies degree is a baccalaureate degree program structured to meet the educational needs of learners. It includes a broad general education requirement which provides a foundation in learning, communication and the development of critical thinking skills. In addition, students complete a required course specialization component to develop the learner’s knowledge base in the area of hospitality tourism industry management; and students are able to broaden their understanding in both hospitality and tourism industry and other areas through a selection of free elective options.

Degree Requirements

The minimum requirements for the baccalaureate degree are as follows:

  • completion of a minimum of 120 credits
  • cumulative grade point ratio of 2.00
  • cumulative grade point ratio of 2.00 in the upper-level courses completed at FDU
  • upper-level credit courses: of the courses completed at FDU 24 credits (eight courses) must be upper-level
  • a grade of C or better in all seven HRTM Specialization courses
  • at least 30 credits, normally the last 30, must be completed at FDU
  • residency requirement/time limit on degree completion as explained below

A transfer student may transfer credit achieved through either formal course work or through proficiency examination to the extent that the credits transferred do not circumvent existing university policy requiring a minimum of 30 credits in residence, including at least 50 percent of the credits required for upper-level course selections to be taken at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Any course work completed more than ten years before the projected date of awarding the degree (including work for which credit is transferred from another college) shall be evaluated for its currency by the appropriate department. Where it is deemed appropriate, the department will recommend courses to familiarize the student with more recent developments.